US Department of Defense Report Proclaims American Empire is ‘Fraying’ May Even Be Collapsing

The United States Department of Defense has concluded over a year's long research project from The US Army War College that US primacy is in fact 'collapsing.’

Watch: Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Claims Humans Descended From Martians, But to Be...

Bill Nye, the science guy, claims that humans can and are descendants of Martians, all while calling Christians crazy and claiming that The Bible is made up.

Artificial Intelligence Is the ‘Greatest Risk We Face as a Civilization’ – Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, claims that governments need to begin to regulate artificial intelligence prior to the technology becoming a threat to humanity at whole.

The Rising Geopolitical Death Cult is Hell Bent on Destroying America and Fomenting The...

The United States has been the dominating power on the world stage for a long time, but what happens when two or more accompany our party?

Will you take the RFID chip? Tech Giant Says Brain Chips are Inevitable and...

Brain chips, micro-computing, RFID chips, microchips, smart phones, and virtual reality all of this is leading to something, and according to Brain Johnson of Kernel and the founder of Braintree, the next phase of this "something" is placing technology inside the human brain.

Government Sponsored Group Develops Mind Reading Technology, To Further Map The Human Brain

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have uncovered how to, essentially, read minds.

Twitter Labels Unborn Children as ‘Hate Speech,’ Censors Pro-Life Group

Twitter is refusing to take money from a pro-life group for advertisements because of their "hate and sensitive policy.” In other words, Twitter has labeled unborn children as hate speech.

NASA Presentation from 2001 Predicts the Antichrist System, Technological Revolution, and the Artificial Takeover

For quite some time the shadow government has prepared a technological revolution that will forever change both humanity and the world. That revolution is happening right now, and it’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through technology, NASA and several other organizations have planned, prepared, and predicted certain events that might take place by the year 2025.

What Happens When Secularism Rules? The Rise of Atheism and the Decline of Christianity

As humans become increasingly amoral, one thing is stringently apparent, the rise of secularism and the decline of morality.

Teaching Biblical Truth to Your Children Could Get Them Taken Away

A massive crisis for Christians in Canada opened up just last week, teaching your child Biblical Truth, such as Biblical biology, could result in their children being taken away.

New Pew Poll: Gay Marriage Support Among White Evangelicals Has Doubled

Gay marriage support among evangelicals has risen proving that a crisis within the Church at large is brewing.

Ready for the Brave New World? Scientists are Teaming up with Artists to Bring...

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century will also be one of the most Biblical, the artificial womb. Science and technology have brought mankind to the brink of where if we cross this line there is no going back.

The New Age Deception: Miley Cyrus Claims to be a Genderless Eternal Spirit and...

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to stirring up controversy, but in a recent interview, she revealed the mission that underlies just why she is so "weird."

School Bans The Lord’s Prayer;’ Students Disagree – Interrupt Ceremony And Sing It...

Students of East Liverpool High School have a tradition to keep, and that is reciting the Lord's Prayer. The Freedom from Religion Foundation demanded...

The Christian Reality: Do You Know Christianity?

Are You Paying Attention? Christians all over the world are being suppressed, oppressed, and persecuted for their faith, in numbers never seen before. Just what in the world is going on?

Student Barred From Praying, Speaking Jesus’ Name In Graduation Speech

The first amendment is one of the privileges that Americans enjoy provided to us because of the United States’ constitution; however, institutions are continually suppressing free speech, especially when it comes to the American Christian.

The LGBT Agenda Will Bring About Transhumanism and Artificial Wombs – 1971 Homosexual Manifesto

The ever-increasing reality that the LGBT movement is the tool of an agenda to destroy the family model and create an environment where transhumanists and technologists thrive is not a new idea, rather it was declared in a homosexual manifesto from 1971.

The Communist New World Order: The USA Will Be Replaced on the World Stage...

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned America, that if the USA disengages from international issues, the USA will be replaced on the world stage.

LGBTQ Groups Attempting to Ban Christian Conservatives From Government

The LGBT agenturs are attempting to remove Christian conservatives from the United States government.

Senate Democrats Attempt To Censor Bible: Indiana Private Christian School at Center of LGBT...

A Christian private school in Indiana is under fire for sticking to the Bible, rather than obeying the whims of culture.
Canadian flag

Christians in Canada Shocked; Tyrannical Administration Bans Bible Verses Under New ‘Human Rights’ Code

The Battle River School Division, just east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is pushing Christians to censor Bible verses because they aren’t aligned with the 'agenda of tolerance.’

United Methodist Church Again Forsakes The Bible and Rejects Church’s Court Ruling Ousting Lesbian...

The Western Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church rejected a decision not to remove an openly lesbian bishop even though the denomination's highest court called for her ousting.
power towers

The Inevitable? The Cyber Attack The Takes Out America’s Power Grid Has Already Been...

Not to long ago, a virus crippled computer systems around the world. The virus dubbed ‘Wannacry' left hospitals, businesses, police stations, and some sectors of government totally at a standstill. However, that attack is nothing compared to what could happen in the event of the ‘Industroyer' attack.

Bakers Who Refused to Make Gay Couple’s Wedding Cake Forced To Shut Down Their...

In 2013, one couple defied the claws of culture they refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple; the firestorm that ensued has now just a couple of years later driven them to the brink, and as a result, they must close their shop and operate from their home.

The Bible is UNDER ATTACK: Southern Baptists Remove All Masculine References From Scripture, Even...

The Bible, Christians, and the Church in America and all over the world are all under assault by culture.

Where’s The Outrage? Communists Cut off Water, Electricity to Churches For Not Installing Surveillance

Communist China steps up the 'Religious Winter' against Christians. The red nation cut off power and electricity to several church buildings and house churches for refusing to install surveillance devices.

Warning: Facebook Furthers their Plans to Manipulate Emotions with These New Patents

Facebook manipulated 689,003 users' emotions for data collection and analysis in 2014, and now they have been approved for patents to take their emotional experiments a step further.

Pope Francis Reveals his True Communist Colors, Claims ‘God cannot be God without man’

Has Pope Francis lost his mind? Or is the Pope finally coming out of the Communist closet?

Humans Have 45 Years Left Before AI Completely Takes Over

Make no mistake Artificial Intelligence will rob you of your house, car, life, job, and so on because, according to experts, in as little as 45 years AI will be better at doing everything you do.

LGBT Groups Are Attacking Christians On Facebook, Media Censoring Christian Posts As Hate Speech

As Christians throughout our history, oppression is common, persecution is common, silencing is common, but never a time has it been so widespread.

Crazy Creature Born in India, Calf with Human Face Worshipped as Deity

A calf was born with eyes, ears, and a nose that look eerily human. The deformed calf died within an hour, but that didn’t stop the frenzy.

‘Closer Than Ever Before To The Peace Deal’ – Israeli Defense Minister

Israel is closer than ever before to a Peace Deal claims Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu). Meanwhile the US Senate unanimously ok's a US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Well Known Pastor: Terror Attacks are a Signal for the End Times, Demonic Spirits...

A Well known Pastor in California claims that we are living in the End Times, his reaoning terrorism.

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Draw ‘Human Faces;’ One Problem, It’s Drawing Demons

An Artificial Intelligence was programmed to draw human faces, one problem it didn’t draw people, rather it drew demons.

United Methodist Church Turns to Blasphemy, Forsakes The Bible; Ordains First ‘Non-binary Trans’ Deacon

The United Methodist Church has reached a new low by ordaining a transgender individual who does not identify as a male of female. Confusion is of the devil, for God is not the author of confusion - how can a Christian congregation not understand that?

What’s Going on In America? ‘The View’ Compares Christian Businesses to the Taliban

What is going on in America? First, it was Internet giant Google that compared Christian pastors to terrorists; now it's the television program 'The...

Can You Handle the Truth? An ‘Elite’ Mouthpiece Tells All – The Globalists Want...

In his books, Harari promotes a future filled with transhumanism, upgraded super-humans who dominate the world, and a technocratic elite class where big tech companies like Facebook and Amazon are the new gods.

Brain Implants Are Here: Government, Tech Companies Working on Making Brain ‘Programmable’

Brain implants aren't coming because they are already here. Tech companies and Government agencies are working on making the Brain programmable and debuggable.

Gay Progressive ‘Christians’ Are Destroying Christianity

The Christian identity, a relationship with Jesus Christ, requires that one forsake himself, and take up his cross, and follow Him. However, gay progressive Christians are instead, placing themselves before God.

Bilderbergers Global Domination Begins with the LHC at CERN

This year's Bilderberg meeting has ended, and the attendees are returning from where it is they came to put their plans in motion. One of those attendees is Fabiola Gianotti, the Director General of CERN.

Creating Creatures: CRISPR Causes Horrific, Unwanted, Unknown Genetic Mutations

CRISPR is all the rage of gene editing, and can cause thousands of unwanted mutations claim doctors from Columbia, Stanford, and the University of Iowa who recently published their disturbing findings on the topic.

ALERT: Canada Passes Law That Allows Government to Seize Children From Christian Homes

Bill 89, the most tyrannical bill to date by the government of Ontario, allows the state to seize the children of Christian families that oppose the LGBTQI and gender ideology agenda.

DARPA Creates System to Augment Soldiers and Artificial Intelligence

The future of war will not be waged by those who are the strongest, those who can shoot the best, or by those who...

The Christian Reality: Twenty-Nine Murdered Coptic Christians in Egypt Asked to Deny Faith by...

The Christian reality has never been about prosperity, or wealth, or tickle-your-ear-doctrines, but rather the harsh Christian reality begs the question of whether or not you are willing to die for the faith.

Will Robots Be Ordained Ministers? New Robot ‘Preist’ Unveiled in Germany

Technology will eventually replace many jobs across the world, but now, at least in Germany, robots may takeover the priesthood.

Rabbi: DNA is Key To Rebuilding Jewish Temple

An Israeli Rabbi is claiming that the key to rebuilding the Jewish Temple is genetics, and through DNA, they can re-establish the Hebrew priesthood.

The Takeover – America This is Your Wake Up Call, Communism is Rising in...

Communism is a virus. The political ideology is not contained to any race or creed rather it can infect any one individual through mass subliminal brainwashing.

Gunmen Kill 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt

Militants opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in central Egypt on Friday. While there is no official word as to who is behind...

What Does it Mean When A Corporation OWNS Your DNA? Companies Are Gunning For...

So many people lately want to have their DNA tested, and for a good reason, many people want to know their biological history such as where their ancestors lived, or where their unknown uncle descended from.

Demand For Artificial Intelligence Is Expected To Increase Exponentially Over Next Several Years

The latest market research from the field of Artificial Intelligence shows that over the next few years, the demand for AI is set to rise substantially.
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