Shocking Scientific Theory Surfaces – Antarctica Was Once Ice Free, and Ancient Civilizations Thrived

Long, long ago there was no ice at the North Pole during the Summertime; and now a new scientific theory has surfaced claiming that there was no ice in Antarctica long ago as well.

Russians Locate ‘Secret Nazi Chest’ With Strange Alien Skulls Inside – Pictures & Video

The fact of the matter is that the Nazi's were involved with strange ritualistic practices, and apparently some of those practices included creatures from the abyss.

Ancient Archeology: Oldest Egyptian Hebrew Alphabet Discovered; Proves Biblical Account of the Exodus

The Biblical account of the exodus is one of the most powerful displays of God's power, yet some people choose to deny the reality that it even took place. However, yet another discovery proves the Biblical account of the Exodus.

Setting the Stage for the Antichrist – Recently Authenticated 2,000-Year-Old Tablets Attempt to Alter...

Tablets discovered in 2008 by researchers in Jordan are attempting to change Scripture, who God is, and alter the life of Jesus Christ.

The ‘Arch of Triumph’ or Entrance to the Temple of Baal is Set for...

What is known as the arch of "triumph" has set London ablaze, and is ready to make an appearance in New York this September. The 'Arch' of Triumph has a well known history, being that it is the "entrance" way to the temple of Baal in Palmyra Syria.

Bombshell Discovery: Ancient Bones Found in Greece May Confirm Chilling Legend About Zeus

Archeologists made a sinister discovery at the top of a Greek mountain which might corroborate one of the darkest legends of antiquity. In Greece, specifically on Mount Lykaion, once worshiped as the birthplace of the deity Zeus, researchers uncovered a 3,000-year-old skeleton of a teenager amid a mound of ashes built up over a millennium from sacrificed animals.

Uncovering the Giants From New Mexico – Footage

Ancient people of the Pueblo culture of Chaco Canyon, in what is now New Mexico, decorated their houses with six-digit handprints and footprints. Although...

GIANT Discovery in Bolivia: Elongated Skulls NOT Caused By Artificial Cranial Deformation – It’s...

A recent discovery in Bolivia sets the stage for uncovering the true history about the Giants. Elongated skulls are not just be caused by Artificial Cranial Deformation, but rather it's genetic.

Days of Noah: Chimera, the Ancient Dark Offspring of the Fallen Angels Returns

Mixing man and metal is one monster but mixing man and animal is a whole new level of monster. Creatures have existed alongside humans for many years in the shadows, but as of late it would appear as though these ugly beings of the abyss are gearing up to enter the

Ancient Wars Return: The Oldest Depiction Of Ancient Egyptian Demons Found

What may be the oldest depiction of one of the most fearsome demons in ancient Egypt was recently discovered. The modern world is oblivious to the reality of spiritual warfare; even though every aspect of reality is manipulated by what goes on in the invisible.

BREAKING: The Ultimate Deception Cometh

The grand scheme of the deceiving "alien" agenda is about to rise to a whole new level. According to Hitlary Clinton and crew, they...

The Homo Floresiensis: Did the Nephilim include a race of hobbit-like people?

While traversing the world of the unknown Nephilim race, you may notice many important findings are under a veil of secrecy, antediluvian artifacts have...

Mysterious “Giant” Figure Walking on top of the clouds Spotted? (Video)

Passenger Nick O'Donoghue was on board an EasyJet flight flying back from Austria to Cork when his fellow passengers began to point to a...

ALERT: Potential Evidence of Nonhuman ‘Hands’ Found in the Sahara Desert

Mentioned: GMO's and Mind Control, what you need to know! Researchers are examining cave art discovered in the Sahara that show nonhuman hands mixed...

Security camera filming something inexplicable in Turkey

What in the world is going on in Turkey? Recorded on 02/12/2016 is crazy security footage of a creature caught on camera flying. That's...

End Times: Human and Animal Hybrids Are Coming To Life

The first of its kind, the worst of its kind; the mixing of man and beast. The creation of hybrids is upon us. Human organs...

Warning: Pandoras Box Has Just Been OPENED, This New Technology Will End Mankind

The war for humanity is in full swing. The agendas for takeover are covertly transforming this planet; life on Earth is on the cusp...

End Times: The Nation’s First State-Sanctioned Satanic Ceremony Just Took Place

Detroit, Michigan; what was once a beautiful city; filled with industrialization is now a destroyed city ravished by thugs, gangs, violence, bankruptcy, and, of...

Video: ‘Wheel of the Nephilim’ Prehistoric “Stonehenge” Discovered in the Golan Heights

Discovered in the Golan Heights, the wheel of the giants/Nephilim, is a landmark that defines that time period. What is being labeled as 'prehistoric',...

Major Occult Ritual Summoning Kali Going on Right Now

An demonic ritual is taking place tonight, November 10, 2015. What is it? Kali Puja, is an intense invocation of the ruler of darkness,...

MYSTERIOUS Orb Found In Spain DNA From Neanderthal Shaking Up Human History

A very odd orb has been collected in Spain. The orb is of mechanical nature, but its origins are not known, just as the...

Illuminati Exposed Adele Says, “Hello from the reptilian side.”

In Adele's newest top-charting single "Hello", she gives the viewers an actual peek to the other side, the reptilian side. The video below provides...

Zombie-Like Activity On The Rise Man On Plane Agitated Bites Another Man Then Dies

A man bit another man and then mysteriously died this is not a joke, nor is it satire. This is the real world covered...

The Creatures of the Abyss are Returning NJ Devil Sighting

The obvious signs of the returning creatures have been astounding as of late. The lost world is resurfacing and so are the creatures of...
Another Crazy Strange Sighting In Florida

Another Crazy Strange Sighting In Florida Don’t Miss It!

Just this morning, September 2nd 2015, at around 5 am a video was captured of an extremely strange sighting in Florida skies. The sighting was of...

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