Futurists, technologists, and philosophers collectively called the 'enlightened' have set the stage for Serpent technology to come to life. Meanwhile, the world is on the cusp of the Superpower Showdown.
The Deep State is at it again, through Kushner the hidden hand is attempting to stoke a crisis of Biblical proportions.
In this episode of the Wire, we cover the attacks against Christianity and the pastors that have died recently. We also include the scientific takeover of the world which is leading to things like designer babies, epigenetics, and designer adults. The crazy military industrial complex is also attempting to alter the cognition of their elite Navy Seals units, there by creating the infamous super soldier. All that and more on today's Wire.
Today we cover an array of topics from the US government in Oklahoma legalizing Satanic rituals, to the European Union forming the European Superstate, and the reality that Science wants us to paint chimeras as humans.
Today we cover an array of topics from the illuminati to strange ice patterns in Iceland that resemble the 'fingerprints' of aliens.


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