Venezuela is in a deep state of disarray, the crisis unfolding has set the country on a path of turmoil that it may never overcome; but to make matters worse – others, such as the USA and the UN want to intervene.

One may recall the crisis in Ukraine or the crisis in Syria, or Libya, or Iraq, and so on, this is the result of international intervention. While the crisis in Venezuela is horrific and saddening, turning Venezuela into a political proxy war would make matters even worse. Geopolitically why would foreign countries want to intervene? By removing the narrative of humanitarian aid, a drastic economic motive comes about – oil.

Venezuela holds the largest amount oil reserves in the world totaling 297 billion barrels (4.72×1010 m3) as of 1 January 2014; and control of their resources could prove to be a reason that outside countries want in.

On a side note, while Venezuela is in a dire crisis, it is important to point out that the political landscape of Venezuela is dominated by the United Socialist Party, and stands to prove exactly what socialism brings about. This is why it is so important that America keeps its republic alive because if we fall into socialism – we too will end in a crisis just like Venezuela. In addition, the socialist mindset has been burrowed into thousands, millions across the United States and proves the point that when socialism enters – there is no more political diversity, there can be no differing thoughts, and everyone is at the beck and call of the state.

France called for a regional and international mediation to be set up between the Venezuelan government and opposition groups to end the worsening violence in the oil producing nation. France has likened what the crisis could become to that of Syria and or South Sudan.

“For France, alongside its European partners, the priority is the immediate end of violence through the support of a credible regional or international mediation that has the trust of both parties – government and opposition – to help restore dialogue and stability,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal told reporters in a daily briefing.

After a closed-door session of the UN Security Council, US Ambassador Nikki Haley told reporters that the crisis in Venezuela is deepening.

“What we are trying to say is the international community needs to say ‘respect the human rights of your people, ‘ or this is going to go in the direction we’ve seen so many others go,”

“We’ve been down this road – with Syria, with North Korea, with South Sudan, with Burundi, with Burma. We’ve been down this road,” Ms. Haley said. “Why not get in front of this? Why not try to stop a problem before it starts?”

Intriguingly, the Venezuelan government has accused the US government of meddling in its internal affairs. Further sparking speculation that Venezuela could house yet another proxy war between the US and opponents.

“Venezuela will resolve its own internal problems. We will do it ourselves,” Ambassador Rafael Ramirez told reporters after the meeting. “We will not accept interference.”

Such a crisis could also take place in America because our nation is two-steps from a civil war given the current amount of division within our own internal affairs. Furthermore, Donald Trump sparked a wildfire upon being selected, and it still has yet to be put out by the Deep State. Upon doing so, there is plenty of talk that said outcome could eventually lead to a civil crisis within the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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The Truth

Don’t let the war mongering Yanks in, you will never recover and all your wealth and oil-minerals will be stolen by the Rothschild’s and the USA. You will all become lap dogs of the Yanks: Put in a call for help from Russia or China, Not the Satanic Yanks:

debra ann

Just something simple..Air drop food to them..They are desperate for food. Help them with the basics. They don’t hear you on an empty stomach.


I say Venezuelan’s are some of the best people I have ever known, so I have to blame a corrupt government for their problems.Therefore I would like to see America and NATO step in openly and with force to replace the government with a Democracy.

P.S. We all have somewhat differing opinions about some of the “ism” solutions to our problems. However, as a wise professor once pointed out to me, we have to be careful when we describe these economic “isms” in relation to political “isms”. What I mean is that whether capitalism, feudalism, fascism, or socialism are described, particularly, either one can be filled with painful evils – economically, on the corruptive extremes. Yet, the “lock-step” mind think is a symptom of a political system, and this political/social totalitarianism can be present in any kind of economic system, especially as recent history has… Read more »

Just started reading your fascinating article, Nate, and had to stop just for a moment and consider if you meant the double entendre that you wrote in your opening sentence above, i.e., that “Venezuela is in a ‘DEEP STATE’ OF DISARRAY…” (BTW, I visited the capital decades ago, & it is a beautiful country with good people, that at the time was the most advanced Latin American country of the day.)