Artificial intelligence is the technology of the future, and public schools are indoctrinating students to prepare. STEM School Academy in Highland Ranch, Colorado allowed students to use a 3D printer and artificial intelligence to create historical figures for their history class.

“I wanted to bring history alive. I wanted the students to experience the process of talking to an artificial intelligence, talking to a person long deceased,” history teacher Owen Cegielski told 9News.

So who did the students decide to reanimate? None other than Kaiser Wilhelm II, the provocateur of the first world war and last German emperor. Wilhelm was a stern advocate of science and sponsored the Kaiser Wilhelm Society which was involved in demonic Nazi scientific operations during the Third Reich. Wilhelm II is not someone you would want young minds learning from.

Once the students created the glowing-eyed sculpture, they linked him up to an AI and were able to ask him questions like, “Who were your enemies?” He responds, “My enemies were the French Republic and the British Empire.”

Before you wipe this off as computerized experimental nonsense, take the creator of D-waves words into consideration. He states that being near a Quantum Computer (QC) is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.” There is no doubt that in the future AI will be combined with quantum computing, giving it other-worldly type of power.

Artificial intelligence, as warned by prominent scientists has the ability to overpower humans in the future. Elon Musk has stated that in the future with AI, humans would become like house cats.

“I believe this is an exciting breakthrough in education,” Cegielski said. “This is a whole new way of learning bringing artificial intelligence, coding into any discipline.”

Projects like this are preparing students for a future where transhumanism and artificial intelligence rule.

What say you reader?