Christianity is under attack worldwide; new poll numbers state that Christianity is declining; meanwhile, other polls show that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

On a day to day basis, mainstream media boasts about the fact that Muslims in the Middle East are under attack; but the truth is that it is the Christians who are under attack.

Christians in 52 percent of the world’s countries, or 108 countries, are discriminated against or mistreated in some way.

It is estimated between half and two-thirds of the Christian population has disappeared from the Middle East over the past hundred years. There are roughly 2.3 billion Christians worldwide, and approximately eight thousand each year are martyred, that is equivalent to one person dying in the name of the faith each hour of every day.

Government harassment of Christians took place in roughly 79 countries, and social harassment was recorded in 85.

The numbers put Christianity at the top of the persecuted list, while Muslims are second. However, do you recall mainstream media talking about the persecution of Christians? Me neither.

In the past few years, a propaganda war, a psychological war, and an actual war has been waged against Christianity, which is creating the decline in those who identify as Christians.

The majority of Americans, or Seventy-four percent, identify as Christians; meanwhile, in the UK there were roughly 40.2 million Christians, and now are around 36 million Christians. While faith is on the decline, a report in the UK has revealed that Muslim worship has skyrocketed by 72 percent.

Since 2008, the ‘nones’ or those who identify as atheist or other, have jumped by six percent.

Roughly 21 percent, or one in five, don’t have a formal religious identity. This represents a significant change from the late 1940s and 1950s when only 2% to 3% of Americans did not report a formal religious identity when asked about it in Gallup surveys.

In the West, Christianity is on the decline, but in the Middle East – Christianity is under assault.

After the end of the First World War, Syria’s Christian community made up about 30 percent of the country’s population. There was a vibrant Christian community, and they were safe. Today, the number of Christians in Syria has dropped below nine percent.

In the 1990’s in Iraq, there were roughly 12 million Christians; and in 2015 there are only 200,000 remaining.

The constant social and governmental attack against the Bible, and the increasing assault on Christians worldwide proves the period the world is living in; we are in the End Times. At the very beginnings of Christianity, the Middle East, Christians are under attack – and governments around the world are failing the Christians.

The decline in Christianity in America is bringing out atheist and satanic groups, all who are going after the youth. The satanic temple has waged war against Christianity at the most important point, the children. Yet, did you hear your pastor speak about the assault against the youth? Or did your pastor talk about the Christians in the Middle East who are falling by a sword?

Christians worldwide are under assault whether it be a baker in North America, or a family in Syria – the attacks wage on.

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same ones who always attack Christians from the beginning as Christ said ye are of your father the devil, and they are still doing only now they are finding it more and more difficult as Christ promised the man of sin is being revealed


Says the person whose user name is the lord of trickery in the Norse mythology.

Been thinking they allowed Trump in there on purpose so that they could activate trendies/libtards to begin to go against Christianity in the USA. See, the problem was that while Obama was in office any such movement would look as though it was coming from government forces. But, with a conservative in the white house the movement against Christianity will look “grassroots” “organic” and “counter culture”. Just something the “new generation” wants. It will be super trendy to go against “evil Christianity that is homophobic”. But, of course we’ll know that these people are under mind control and didn’t stand… Read more »

Well, hey there Comrade Trump!

Nam Marine

My Bible tells me that the Christians win !

mark leininger

When their children’s heads roll off the Noahide guillotines.

It is Israel through it’s Agents, the ACLU/SPLC and hundreds of others, that has used “tolerance, diversity, inclusion, and “holocaust guilt”” to pollute the Christian culture even as Israel works to create a PURE JEWISH STATE in Palestine. CHRISTians PAY for “holocaust museum/synagoges but are DENIED a Nativity on their own townhall lawn for a few days a year. Who PROFITS? Who benefits by clearing enemy populations away from their borders so it can steal land for “greater israel” while genocidally flooding CHRISTianity at the same time. Israel does not have the NUMBERS to flood Europe so it uses the… Read more »

I think they are calling themselves »Zionists«, and that they are those people that say, »they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan« (Revelation 2:9). And I think that they are running this show. But as always, Ihuah, our God and Father in heaven, pulleth the ultimate strigns.


You should be asking , “Why Now?”
The reason is that the people are breaking out of the control of the churches and are learning the real story. This threatens the power structure and they need to nip it in the bud as it were before they have a real problem on their hands.
This is what they fear.
Even Zbigniew Brzezinski mentioned this “Awakening” was a threat but he was vague about what the awakening was exactly.
This is the Awakening.