The Quantum Age: D-Wave and CERNs New Black Hole Discoveries

Just what is Quantum Computing or Quantum Entanglement? How are CERN and Google involved? And what in the world are scientists doing attempting to open interdimensional portals at 'the altar of an alien god?'


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2 Comments on "The Quantum Age: D-Wave and CERNs New Black Hole Discoveries"

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thanks emma and nate for all your research!
May The Lord bless you always.

The quantum push seems to be an agenda they are pushing; does not fit nor make sense.  So a computer can access “alternate dimensions” to interact instances whereby information and results from those interactions would be obtained; as they could not occur in our “reality”.  Seems to me like I could say the computer said this and it, like all “scientific” theories and all theories for that matter, is true until proven false.  I believe that the computer, if it is actually the computer making these computations, is either programed to behave as such or something else interacts through this technology. … Read more »