In Adele’s newest top-charting single “Hello”, she gives the viewers an actual peek to the other side, the reptilian side. The video below provides the proof that she channeled a reptilian demon throughout the song. The symbolism, lyrics, and, of course, serpentine eye slit, speak volumes about the true nature of the song. For all the details, click watch below!


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No… this is not obvious enough. The “slit” in her eyes could be caused by lighting and camera filming.
I do believe reptilians are a real thing, though 😉 and yes, Adele’s succes is typical reptilian-like, but this video doesn’t show real evidence for that.


I haven’t watched the full music video, but another good pointer to lookout for is watching their teeth while they talk or sing.. You can sometimes see the teeth shifting between sharp reptile and human…also if you haven’t done it yet you should do a story on the true reason they invented HD Viewing for tv.Now that will creep you out


Thanks for doing this topic. I find myself very interested in researching reptilians but it’s difficult to sort through. I wish you would do an in depth video about on repilians.


For men’s hearts will fail them as to what is coming on the earth.


Absolutely brother….but Satan is already a defeated foe! And he desired fear…..but we know better…and have a much larger sword….in Jesus we remain steady!