Mysterious giant coffins discovered in Egypt in 2012, may prove the existence of the Biblical Nephilim, and the discovery of said tombs further confirms the historical happening of the great Biblical flood.

The 24 boxes, or tombs, were re-discovered in Egypt in 2012, and they were once originally discovered by Ramesses II some 3300 years ago. The mainstream theory regarding the boxes is that Ramesses II built the burial site, but it is more likely that the early Egyptians only discovered this burial site. Just how could the Egyptians move over 24 tombs that weigh roughly 100 tons each?

Mainstream archeology claims that the burial site was for Apis bulls and that Egyptians believed the Apis bulls were incarnations of the deity Ptah. But, were the Bulls supposedly only incarnations? Or were the Bulls actually chimeras?

Some experts are claiming that the Egyptians did not build these boxes, but rather, they were left on Earth by ‘aliens.’ Interestingly enough, that actually makes more sense than the mainstream theory, that the Egyptians built these tombs with copper hand tools.

The head of Egyptian archeology when announcing the discovery to mainstream media, instead of flat out lying, stated that they don’t know how the Egyptians created the tombs. The tombs are unique because of the angles, the skillfulness of the stone cutting is accurate to just a few microns.

Looking through the history, before the Egyptian worship of the Apis bulls is the actual origin of the deity.

The Apis deity, to the early Egyptians, was regarded as a half human, half bull being; and was the god of strength and fertility.

The Timing

The timeline, given that it is more likely that a son of Ramesses II, Khaemweset, only discovered the tombs and ordered them to be buried within the Serapeum of Saqqara; it is probable that the black boxes were for the Nephilim which predate Ramesses II’s 19th dynasty.

The Biblical time period could place the origin of these boxes to pre-flood. Meaning that from creation to roughly 2166 BC, the Nephilim walked the Earth, and the Giants as they were in stature, made men look like grasshoppers in their sight (Numbers 13:33).

The Nephilim, are the spawns of the daughters of men and the sons of God, meaning that the Nephilim were half human and half angelic. The spawns were mutant in appearance, they were giant, and had six fingers and six toes (1 Chronicles 20:6). Given that God cursed the Nephilim, to only walk the earth 500 years (1 Enoch 10:9,10), it is probable that God also cursed them with deformities, as the bloodline thinned, as is apparent with genetic cranial deformation.

Besides the reality that these giants walked the Earth, there is still no explanation for the creature-like appearance as seen in Egyptian and Greek mythology. However, given the mythology of the ancients, it is probable that chimeras walked the earth as well in those days because of the constant DNA manipulation, brought on by the Nephilim and the fallen, into the daughters of men. This of course, is why God wiped the Earth with a flood.

Bull worship was apparent at the Exodus.

As time went on Egyptian worship of the Apis bull continued and can be seen even in the Exodus of Israel. When God was giving the commandments to Moses, Aaron, and the soon-to-be Israel were creating a golden calf (Exodus 32). Being that the people of Israel had just left Egypt, it is evident how strong the influence of Egypt and cow worship was upon the early Israelites.

The time of Ramesses II reign was after the Exodus, which occurred according to the early scholars around 1550-1525 BC; Ramesses II reigned from 1279-1213 BC.

Given that there is literally no explanation as to how the boxes originated, how they were created, there is still a massive mystery surrounding the 2012 rediscovery of the tombs. However, the evidence that this Serapeum was just for Apis bulls is lacking, which opens the possibility that these tombs could have been the tombs of the Nephilim. What say you reader?

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The ‘son of God’ were here when God was still creating the earth – this was before Adam was created, Job 38:4-7. Thus, they are most likely the ones refered to in Genesis 6:1-4 & not Seth’s sons impregnating unbelieving daughters of Cain – because the DNA of mans flesh is fixed & doesn’t produce giants or hybrids – unless it’s tampered with – which may have been the case.? Like todays scientists messing w/DNA of ….

Observe the wording in Genesis 6:1-6 “…daughters of men…” gives insight into this matter, what other ‘daughters of’. would there possibly be? Also the wording, “There were giants/Nephilim in the earth in those days; and after that,…”gives further insight that something strange & extraordinary – was on earth. It would be understood that ‘men multiplied & had daughters’ & that men would see them, ‘before & after the Flood’ & take them as wives! But it injects ‘the sons of GOD’ saw ‘daughters of MEN’… & took wives of all that they chose’, thus, a different entity other than ‘men’… Read more »

The old & new testaments of the bible clearly make distinctions between the angels & the evil spirits. And the book of Enoch states that the evil/wicked spirit are that which came out of the ‘giant offspring’ – of the Watchers/angels – when they died.


Certain arachoalogists have alleged that the giant humniod skeletons, mummies, bones… are removed….
Now Consider this: Isn’t it strange that all 24 of these giant sarcophaguses were empty? And they try & fill you with bull? And ALL other giant sarcophaguses were found empty?
On the other hand, the average sized are found with mummies or some bone remains.
Yes, there is a cover up – even the Smithsonian admitted they were destroying giant bones, I.e., after they got busted for it. Do the research.

There are two views of interpretation for the B’nai HaElohim (“Sons of God”) in Gen 6- the angelic and Sethite views. It can only be consistently interpreted as angels. Furthermore, attempting to interpret this as Seth’s lineage poses many other textual problems, lines of separation issues, inferred Godliness of Seth’s lineage issues, unnatural offspring problems, difficulties with NT confirmations, post-flood implication issues and prophetic issues. Gen 6 is quite clear – “the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and they took any they chose as wives for themselves.”…The Nephilim were on the earth both in… Read more »

Open the tombs and see what is in them! That would solve this mystery!