Over the Fourth of July weekend, the nation’s most volatile, homeless individuals, attacked a baseball player in Utah. Salt Lake City officials are now pondering the idea of deploying National Guard troops to deal with the growing crisis.

On another occasion in the same location, a car plowed into a group of homeless people striking six people, killing one and sending five to the hospital.

Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes, in response to the events, stated the following;

“The violence and what is going on there is escalating,” Hughes said Wednesday. “When it gets that out of hand, you can have a discussion about the National Guard with a straight face.”

When the National Guard is deployed to deal with riots and protests, typically the scenario is only for a short time, but exactly what is the city official referring to here? A prolonged deployment of the national guard onto city streets, to clean them up?

Hughes said he isn’t willing to wait two years for things to change in the area. He doesn’t fault the Salt Lake City Police Department, which he said is making every effort to keep the area from sliding into total chaos.

Nonetheless, he said, conditions must change.

“We can’t afford to hide from it,” Hughes said. “If we don’t do something, it’s going to spread to our parks and libraries.” — Read More

While the homeless crisis across America is horrific, “cleaning” up the streets with troop deployments is a horrific idea, exactly where are the city officials going to place the homeless? In camps?

Several other states across America have pondered similar solutions to the ever increasing crisis of homelessness in America. In 2013, Colombia South Carolina sought to criminalize homelessness but rescinded. Now, in Salt Lake City, Utah Hughes wants to deploy the National Guard to accomplish the same goal.

Once troops are deployed on city streets to round up the homeless, what ’types’ of individuals could be rounded up next? What say you reader?

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The Watcher

I say that the government is going by their own playbook. First, they tricked everyone with Clintons “HOME” program offering low-income home ownership and then foreclosed on almost all of them forcing them into the streets. Secondly, they take those that were forced into homelessness and force them into FEMA camps? What then? Do Americans fight back to stop it before it happens, or Do they wait until it happens to them…?

Kenny Smith
Well , first of all , we need to stop more and more people from coming into this country, we are already overpopulated. In the near future someone needs to figure out a good way to limit births, I know I will get slack for that one. If someone can’t afford to take care of children then maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to have children, I know I’m a horrible person for even thinking that ,right. My wife and I decided not to have our first child until we were financially able , again I know that can be taken… Read more »
Rock Of Ages

Sad No Job No Life No Where To Go But Somehow We Can Spend Money To Go After Them ? We Are In A Bad Place America Has Imported It’s Right Out Of A Way Of Life ! Now Big Brother Is Eating It’s Own People ! PS Mr Jones at infow just got clamped down on no more anonymous post so now one can not speak freely in the land of the free ?

Our digital thermometer is reading over 110F, in the shade. But, as you are physically-capable, I would tell people to look clean, speak articulately, and carry photo-id, when going out. Be grateful, if you have little more than a lawnchair and some instant drink mix, which is still better than the alternative. For future reference, Christians should remember that a mark would someday be required, to buy or sell. Your own treatment of especially-moral or deserving, homeless people will set a legal precedent, for how you will be treated, as you will not be allowed to participate in the formal… Read more »
R.S. Helms

Utah has not been able to deal with the homeless at any time. They used to bus them to Las Vegas … until Las Vegas realized what was happening …