The political climate in Washington always remains the same, the deep state that is, continually holds the seat of power within the United States.

The puppet masters, if you will, control either the president or his inner circle, with Trump, it’s his inner circle, even members of his own family, which begs the question is Trump compromised? Have we been blinded by the reality TV star?

Soros, is a dangerous left-wing figure, and is responsible for much of the political turmoil and has acted as the face of the globalist agenda for America.

However, when Trump was selected this nation roared with life and hoped that change was coming, but have we the people been deceived?


According to Politico’s Playbook — which issued one correction on its piece about misidentifying the Koch brother who attended — a wide range of people were invited — and accepted the invitation — to Weymouth’s annual summer party, Politico Playbook reported on Sunday.

“Sighted” at the party were Alan Patricof, a good friend and campaign contributor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Soros and his wife Tamiko Bolton, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Steven Spielberg. Former Florida Governor and Senator Bob Graham, a Democrat, and Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Republican, also made the invite list.

But the party was apparently bi-partisan. Also sighted were Kellyanne Conway (on the dance floor), Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Trump national security adviser Dina Powell.

And while Weymouth’s Washington Post is as left-wing as a news outlet can get, that didn’t keep NewsMax CEO Chris Ruddy from showing up, as did Boyden Gray, who the Washington Post described in 1989 as a “multimillionaire tobacco heir, Harvard ’64, certified member of America’s patrician elite and now President [George H.W. ] Bush’s controversial White House counsel and ethics czar.”

This is not the first time, Kushner has popped up next to Soros, Jared has received millions of dollars from Soros, the left-wing “philanthropist.” However, all at once, it would appear as though the Deep State is closing its grasp on the White House once again, but the real question is, did they ever lose it?

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Mr. Big

I have been following what goes on around the us and the world for 41 yrs only if the world knew what i know is coming and it is not pretty it is going to happen long before 2030 i was told in 1999 that 911 was going to happen the people of the us are not going to believe what they are going to see happen to the united states stay safe and god bless america.

501C3 Church Sellout
501C3 Church Sellout

What is the common thread here? What is the ONE uniform denominator among ALL the nodes of power in our society- including the modern ‘xtian’ church? ZIONISTs rule. Whether left or right, mainstream or alternative, Neolib, Neocon, Chabad Lubavitcher or Trump’s Russian Mafia handlers. THEIR agenda- the Communist World Domination zionist NWO is being slowly, inexorably implemented via a 1000 fronts. The very taboo we dare not expose is what is killing us.

The Truth

Nothing to worry about here, as we are fast approaching the reset: evil creatures like Soros, and the ones like him, as well as the bureaucrats that do the bidding for these Satanist will be gone forever: to the pit of damnation: its time to start thinking of the survival of your family and loved ones. for only those prepared will survive: