The Christian Truther Unlimited Membership Reviews

Several months
Mrs Abigail Grace Ansley

Hi my name is Abby and am a Christian of 21 years through being beautifully fully saved wholly by the grace of God through Jesus Christ who I owe my life and soul too every day.

Since getting saved I've seen our world rapidly approach that last hour that the Lord and prophets warned us of, yet have been frustrated over how silent our church ministers are at the pulpits regarding where we are in modern times or what is happening and is about to happen to this world. So I am blessed with this site and their ministry at Freedom fighters and thank them for equipping us as we rapidly approach this hour of testing. Although we are safe in our Lord, nevertheless the warning goes out to be wise virgins and be ever watchful, as it is possible that 'even the elect might be deceived". Thank you guys so very much for your bravery and truth, please know how much you are appreciated.

I had the wonderful opportunity to need their help just recently, and their courtesy, honesty and care was testimony to their Christian adoption and truth. Beautiful people. Bless you in your continued bravery and work for our Lord.


Redvers Stephens
1 Day

We are living in dynamic times. I don't think we can trust the World media at all.
Freedom fighter times is a great component to stay informed.
My own contribution in promoting this ongoing wake up call is in running a website called
To attract people to look into this website and hence experience an introduction to the truth is as follows.
Roundabout twice a week I visit the city centre, and very quietly play some worship songs. Relying on the holy spirit to draw people to vote if you listen, rest and perhaps here God's call. Outreach cards are available as I perform this outreach. Let us all work together bringing hope truth and the light in these dark times.

Tracer Olinger
About a month after the site came online
My Testimony

Freedom fighters set me on the road to salvation .I know it was god that lead me to Nate and Emma to learn the truth of what is going on in our world.I look forward for the word of the day with my tea,then dive into the news that they have worked hard on to deliver to us.I will continu to support thier site up to the day our Lord and Saviour returns☺.After that,they deserve a well earned rest.☺ They never met me ,but I concider them a Brother and Sister.keep up the good fight you 2,for when this is all over,we shall dine in heaven together.?. From Enumclaw,Washington. God Bless You All.

6 months
My Awakening

Ya'll have awoken me from the state of sleep the rulers and principalities of this world had me in.
My names Rachel Goff. I had been subscribed to yall since Freedomfighter2127 on YouTube where I first started my awakening prosses. I lost yall after the channel was shut down. But after a few months I saw the new channel. I truly believe that is was YHWH who lead me to yalls new site. Because after many years of running from him and blaming him for my problems when it was the devil who had blinded me with lies. In the months I was away from you content Yeshua had shown me the error of my way... I had a very near death experience with something that should have caused serious long term problems I ended up in a coma for a month. Right after seeing Yeshua I awoke and was out of the hospital in 2 weeks. The first video I saw was your new channel and you touched on Yeshua. After hearing yall started a site in January I decided that because yall had such hard hitting information on every aspect of life. I was sold. You can see the hard work and dedication and thanks to that spirt that is visible in every single post I have started questioning everything we've ever been told. Like the earth being a globe. My last flight I never saw the curviter. Ya'll have helped me have the scales removed from my eyes. And the content in the unlimited section truly can't be found anywhere else. It's truly amazing how many earth shattering ground breaking facts are packed into these videos and reports. Mamy people whom I've sent to your site have also come to love it as much as me. I can't get enough of your explosive information. The site is also really easy to navigate through. I think the new site is better than the first one yall had. Again thank yall both so much for waking me up and may YHWH bless yall.