UPDATED: Is CERN Set to Raise The Nephilim? New Machine Called GOLIATH Searching For ‘THE DARK PHOTON’


CERN is ramping up for a new experiment, and one of the magnets to be used for said experiment is called Goliath.

For the latest video updated at 18:40 EST please see first video, for CERN’s original video on the Goliath magnet please see the third video.

Diagram of Goliath
Diagram of Goliath
Goliath Magnet
Goliath Magnet
Goliath Magnet
Goliath Magnet

For CERN to use the name of a GIANT to find Dark Photons sure has to make us all ponder, just what in the world is really going on at CERN?

To make matters more interesting, the Vatican has also used similar philosophies while naming their machinery. The Vatican has a telescope named Lucifer. Which again, has to make us ponder the reasoning behind the names used, being that they are direct references to evil within the Bible.

To top the diagrams off, CERN claims that in order to find ‘The Dark Photons,’ they must stop David.

This is what is called the “Exploitation procedures” on CERNs website –

-GOLIATH must be started before DAVID.
-DAVID must be stopped before GOLIATH.
-It is not possible to ramp up DAVID as I ref DAVID > I GOLIATH
-All power converters (NR31-01, NR31-05, NR31-06) must be in the same polarity.

For the actual experiment please see here. There are many more references to the Nephilim to be discovered at CERN, some of which the Christian Truther has already uncovered, see here for more.

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CERN is just science. Nothing supernatural.


Young James,I believe that you need to catch up on your studies of CERN,,but before you start,go the the nearest mirror and repeat”i know not what I say” thanks James