Christian Pastor Forced To Relocate – LGBT Group Sent Death Threats All Over An Emoji


A West Virginia pastor who has received threats and endured various other forms of harassment for voicing opposition to Facebook’s rainbow flag emoji has moved his family out of their home in Harpers Ferry after being advised by local police to do so because of safety concerns.

As previously reported, Pastor Rich Penkoski, who runs the online ministry “Warriors for Christ,” has received an immense amount of backlash from LGBT advocates after the popular Warriors for Christ Facebook page vowed in June that anyone who posted the rainbow flag emoji on the page would be banned by its administrators.

Penkoski told The Christian Post that he didn’t want the rainbow flag emoji on the “Warriors for Christ” page because it “is a pride symbol for homosexuality and we are a Christian ministry.”

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This is just terrible. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle doesn’t give you the right to destroy theirs. These LGBT people are a hateful lot. Why don’t they just mind their own business, instead of trying to intimidate someone, or force them to comply with THEIR beliefs? For crying out loud, if you’re gay, just don’t read the man’s page. That’s all there is to it. Just ignore it. To threaten and persecute someone just because they believe what you are doing is a sin, is just more evil on top of evil. People need to get rid… Read more »