“The Masses Are Useless, Time to Depopulate; Amazon, Google, Facebook Are the gods Now” – Bestselling NY Times Author


In an all out attack on God, the author of New York Times bestseller “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow,” Yuval Noah Harari gave a talk at the Carnegie Council for ethics and international affairs.

The future of the masses, plans of the ruling “elite,”the rise of the surveillance state and technocracy were all covered. But the most appalling statements he made were in reference to the God of the Bible. Here is an excerpt of the speech, for the rest of the highlights and commentary, make sure you watch the video!

“Hundreds of years ago, say in the European Middle Ages, authority came down from the clouds, from God. You wanted to know who should rule the country or what to do, whether in terms of national policy or in terms of your personal life, authority to answer these questions came from God.
For example, if you think about homosexuality, why was it considered a terrible sin? Because God said so, because the Bible said so, and these were the highest authorities in the ethical field.
Then came humanism, which said, “No, the highest authority is human feelings, whether it makes humans feel good or bad. If two men are in love and they don’t harm anybody else, both of them feel very good about their relationship, what could possibly be wrong with it? We don’t care what’s written in the Bible or what the pope says. We care only about human feelings.”
So this was the ethical revolution of humanism, placing human feelings at the top of the ethical pyramid.” – Read More

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Christian Gains
Christian Gains
THANKS NATE! Whew! I must admit, this fellow CERTAINLY is a “Scribe of DARKNESS”! (Jn.8:44) I’ve known for quite some time, (since “Trans-Humanism” popped up), that there’s occurring a “SPIRITUAL COGNITIVE SHIFTING”, into what can ONLY be described, (correctly), as {Demonism / SPIRITUAL entities of darkness — Eph. 6: 12c – “rulers of darkness”}; that are being released much more abundantly, (and notably), than we’ve seen in my lifetime, (71 Yrs.). But! This ALSO clearly reveals that the human race IS ENTERING INTO a period described in the Biblical “End times Prophecies”, a a “time of troubles”,[Jer. 30:7 — Note… Read more »
Christian Gains
Christian Gains

Steve Quayle just advised I read this, but, it’s not ALL here, and I’m getting, “This Article can’t be found” sort of message when I clk on the “READ MORE” direction…???? Is this ALL of the story…OR…R U being censored??? I’d like to know…”G” seems to have decide that they’re the god of internet ethics…As the fellow above states…”Humanism” as the highest ethical standard…ANY comment?

Nate Brown

Thanks for checking out our site, I apologize that the read more link was inaccurate I have now fixed it.