Must See: Does This New NRA Ad Show the Civil War is Coming?


With all the lunacy that is coming from the left, it has to make you wonder will these individuals and groups bring about a civil war?

Never before has our country been so divided. What say you reader? 

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Here’s a quote attributed to the late T.E. Lawrence: An opinion can be argued with. A conviction is best shot.” I do not think these ANTIFA hysterics understand what is at stake when they call for a “civil war”. They do not have to look any further than our own history to see the carnage and destruction wrought during the War of Northern Aggression. I was around when the country really started to unravel in the 1960’s. After JFK was murdered in broad daylight, people started asking more questions and becoming more cynical. When Watts, Take One happened in 1965,… Read more »
geri west

“Clenched Fist” NRA ad using a Communist Symbol lol


I say give the leftists the civil war they want. The anti-gunners (leftists) want a civil war with the folks who have the guns. Gee I wonder how that will turn out? I say if and when we do have a civil war, show no mercy. Eradicate them like cockroaches. Have a “final solution” on liberals that would make Hitler jealous. I’m guessing there’s about 150 million leftists out there. We need to get that number to 0. Fire up the gas chambers!

If the left ACTUALLY DOES push it over the edge, I PRAY that people listen to Tommy’s counsel…hard as it is, it is a PROVEN FACT that Liberals live in another dimension of reality, and MOST won’t believe that we’ll ACTUALLY kill them…BECAUSE??? Because THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE that they’re the ONLY intelligent humans, and the rest of “fly over country” is too dumb to think rationally, so OF COURSE none of us will shoot them!!! If you doubt that, listen to Shirely Jackson Lee, or Nancy Pill-lousey, or Chuchy “Shuuuuumma”…THEY’LL prove me TOTALLY CORRECT…they’re soooo arrogant that they think that… Read more »
“He who fails, (or refuses), to learn from History, is DOOMED to repeat it’s errors”…NUFF SAID! Lessons have been available for LITERALLY CENTURIES! The American Revolution…OR…The Russian Revolution. The British Civil War…The American Civil War…After reading & study the History of these examples, the NORMAL & LOGICAL human will AVOID such insanity and destruction…THUS…IF WE DO HAVE A CIVIL WAR break out, we ONLY can expect INSANITY & SLAUGHTER…What I’m stating is ABSOLUTE REALITY…Tho it WON’T stop ANY one bent upon EITHER destruction of America…OR…BENT UPON STOPPING those revolutionaries….THIS TIME it will NOT end well for EITHER SIDE, as we… Read more »
The NRA would not advocate any civil disturbances because it would be shut down tomorrow, as that action would essentially be considered insurrection. We of the NRA do not advocate killing another human being, but if that other human wants to kill us we will defend ourselves, regardless of of whether that perceived enemy is domestic or foreign. We will abide by all laws as is the nature of law abiding NRA members, but we will fight in the courts all laws that hinder the freedom and liberty humanity deserves. If martial law comes after a total breakdown of our… Read more »