After School Satan Goes To Washington – Satanists Target Kindergartners With Lies From the Pit of Hell


The satanists are on the move, this time they are going after kindergartners in Tacoma, Washington. After school, satan is set to open its doors on December 14th, 2016.

Regardless of 103,000 signatures in protest to satanists, it appears as though state officials are scared of the ‘consequences’ of taking on satanists.

“No one wants this club; we don’t want a group that identifies itself with Satan to have access to our children,” said Jennifer Droubay, a mother whose child goes to the school.

Parents and concerned citizens will be gathering for a prayerful and peaceful protest against the Satan Club in front of Point Defiance Elementary School on Dec. 14, from noon to 1:00 p.m.

More than 103,000 signatures have been collected online in opposition to the Satan Clubs for children. The petition can be seen here: petition/keep-satan- washington-schools.

America’s first After School Satan Club sponsored by the Satanic Temple was opened on Nov.16 at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, despite numerous complaints, protests and rosary rallies organized by parents, teachers and local Catholics. – Read More

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Great article!!
This is just crazy and sick may God protect those kids