Twitter Labels Unborn Children as ‘Hate Speech,’ Censors Pro-Life Group


Twitter is refusing to take money from a pro-life group for advertisements because of their “hate and sensitive policy.” In other words, Twitter has labeled unborn children as hate speech.

Live Action, a pro-life group, has been flagged by Twitter, and is not allowed to procure ads with the social platform, says Lila Rose, the organization’s founder, and president, in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.

Twitter has labeled ultrasound images, fact-checked Planned Parenthood’s claims, and discussions of the beauty of prenatal life, as hate speech, Rose said. The social media giant mainly took issue with text that read “I Am Not a Potential Human” at the top and “I Am a Human With Potential” at the bottom.

However, Planned Parenthood is allowed to promote and run ads on Twitter but Live Action, the leading pro-life group is not. Just recently in Canada, mislabeling an individuals pro-noun is now considered hate speech, a chargeable offense. How far will such labels take Americans? Are those who disagree soon to also be charged with said crimes?

An unborn child, is a human life, that child has no voice, that child has no political affiliation, and is the closest thing to purity on this Earth, just how is that hate speech? State your opinion below.

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That’s just one strategy they are using to fight the presence of the spirit of jesus christ!!

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