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A very interesting turn of events is beginning to unfold, Coulter is now referring to Donald Trump as ‘Head of Church;’ however, there is only one Head of Church, and it’s Jesus Christ.

Every political cycle, there appears to be a trend that continually breaks out – occult worship of who is in power. It would appear as though Coulter is attempting to sway individuals into worshiping Trump rather than just supporting him, and that is very dangerous. In fact, it is so dangerous that it even reaches antichrist territory. What say you reader?

On top of that, Mark Cuban, another powerful figure is calling for ‘Universal Welfare State’ due to rising automation.

Gene editing has received a “green light” from the NAS. – Read More.

As for the crisis in Sweden; it appears as though, they can’t access realistic information- because of censorship.

We are under attack…

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What say you reader?

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