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Was Ukraine a testing ground for Russian cyber weapons?

Wired's Andy Greenberg says Ukraine has been the victim of a "cyber-assault unlike any the world has ever seen." Cybersecurity experts think Russia is...

North Korea Open to Moratorium on Nuclear, Missile Tests: Report

North Korea offered a conditional moratorium on its nuclear and missile tests in a bid to hold talks with the United States.

Trump Signals ‘Strategic Patience’ With North Korea is Over, China Failed – is War...

Leaked by the Filipino government was a conversation between President Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, in which Trump claims that China is the last card holding back US intervention in North Korea. In accordance with the President's words, his latest tweet signals that the USA may just be done waiting.

‘Potential terrorist attack’: Van mows down pedestrians near Muslim center & mosque in London

At least one dead and 10 injured are reported in London’s Finsbury Park, where a vehicle drove into pedestrians, many of whom are believed to be Muslims coming out of the local mosque after prayers. Police have arrested one person and ambulances are on the scene.

In China, a robot has started delivering packages to people

Jingdong, or, China’s second-biggest e-commerce company after Alibaba, sent robots to deliver items for the first time yesterday (June 18), on the last day of a two-week-long shopping bonanza that recorded sales of around $17.6 billion, according to a spokesman with the company.

Vehicle Strikes Pedestrians in London; ‘A Number of Casualties,’ Police Say

A vehicle hit pedestrians in London and there are “a number of casualties being worked on at the scene,” according to authorities.

Blogger gagged by council after warning about Grenfell Tower fire threat

A blogger who warned the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council of the dangers lurking in Grenfell Tower was threatened by local officials for writing about problems in the building.

Breaking: NSA Links Wannacry Virus to North Korea

US Intelligence officials have linked the Wannacry ransomware attack to North Korea, just last month the virus affected some 300,000 people in some 150 countries.

London: Grenfell Tower Horror – Babies Thrown From Windows, As Fire Almost Engulfed The...

An enormously large blaze broke out at the Grenfell Tower in London where reportedly Twelve are confirmed dead, and police are expecting further fatalities.

The Next Financial Crisis Has Already Arrived In Europe, And People Are Starting To...

Did you know that the sixth largest bank in Spain failed in spectacular fashion just a few days ago? Many are comparing the sudden implosion of Banco Popular to the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and EU regulators hastily arranged a sale of the failed bank to Santander in order to avoid a full scale financial panic.

Where’s The Outrage? Communists Cut off Water, Electricity to Churches For Not Installing Surveillance

Communist China steps up the 'Religious Winter' against Christians. The red nation cut off power and electricity to several church buildings and house churches for refusing to install surveillance devices.

Thai man jailed for 35 years for insulting monarchy in harshest sentence yet

Thailand's military court delivered its harshest sentence ever for insulting the monarchy on Friday, jailing a man for 35 years, rights groups said.

Crazy Creature Born in India, Calf with Human Face Worshipped as Deity

A calf was born with eyes, ears, and a nose that look eerily human. The deformed calf died within an hour, but that didn’t stop the frenzy.

S. Korea leader warns North after latest missile launch

North Korea's latest launches of several suspected anti-ship missiles were short-range and landed well short of past efforts, but they still served as a defiant message for its enemies that Pyongyang will continue to pursue a weapons program that has rattled its neighbors and Washington.

North Kore Fires Multiple Missiles – Eurasia is Destabilizing

North Korea on Wednesday fired multiple surface-to-ship missiles.

Third London attacker named as imams refuse to perform funeral rites

British police on Tuesday named the final member of the terror trio that murdered seven people on Saturday in a knife and van attack before police shot the jihadis dead -- and the news comes as more than 130 Muslim religious leaders were refusing to say funeral prayers for any members of the ISIS cell.

The US Steps Up Pressure On China Over North Korea and South China Sea

Over the past few weeks, several high-level US leaders have visited the Asia Pacific region, primarily with one focus, China.

CNN Caught Staging Protest After #LondonAttacks

CNN, the outlet known for pushing agendas and lying to the public was caught once again, this time, staging a protest after the London Bridge attacks.

London Bridge terror attack – multiple casualties and second incident at Borough Market

LONDON Bridge has been plunged into chaos amid reports of a vehicle mowing down pedestrians.

Three men with ’12in knives stab pedestrians’ after mowing down up to 20 people...

Three men with 12-inch hunting knives have reportedly stabbed pedestrians after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van on London Bridge.

Will Robots Be Ordained Ministers? New Robot ‘Preist’ Unveiled in Germany

Technology will eventually replace many jobs across the world, but now, at least in Germany, robots may takeover the priesthood.

Here We Go Again; CNN Claims Russians discussed potentially ‘derogatory’ information about Trump and...

Russian government officials discussed having potentially "derogatory" information about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and some of his top aides in conversations intercepted by US intelligence during the 2016 election, according to two former intelligence officials and a congressional source.

Are You Ready? – The North Korean Crisis Could Soon Blow Up

Propaganda or the inevitable? The North Korean crisis is getting out of hand and fast.

North Korea Fires Another One, Japan Claims Missile Landed in Economic Zone

North Korea fired yet another Ballistic missile, initially claimed locally by Yonhap and later confirmed by US intelligence.

ISIS Takes Control of It’s First City in The Philippines

After months of fighting, ISIS affiliate The Maute group has captured it's first Filipino city. Marawi, a city of 22 million people, was taken by only 500 militants.

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