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New Pew Poll: More than Half of Americans Want Stricter Gun Laws

More than half of Americans want stricter gun laws, in addition to that less than ten percent of Americans claim that almost no one should be able to own a gun legally, according to a new Pew poll.

Christians and Jews Are Fighting Back Witches For Trump

Witches around the world cast spells against President Trump once again last night, attempting to #BindTrump on the summer solstice.

Churches Are Supporting Homosexuality – Activist Mommy

Churches have been and are supporting homosexuals in the USA, this video proves it.

Donald Trump Claims Mexico Border Wall Will Have Solar Panels

Donald Trump has suggested that the US border wall with Mexico could "pay for itself" through solar energy.

Is This Why America Resents the ‘Cultural NY Elite?’

Last week, Donald Trump Jr went on another tear against New York City elites. He retweeted rightwing pundit Harlan Z Hill: “Events like today are exactly why we took issue with NY elites glorifying the assassination of our president.”

Wikileaks CIA Can Disguise Own Hacking and Blame Russia and China

WikiLeaks' latest dump of hacked info from the CIA shows how the spy agency could mask its own cyberattacks to make it look like it came from another foreign government, the Daily Mail reported.

238 arrested in sweep of suspected child sex predators

A monk from Riverside and an Australian man looking to buy a 6-year-old boy were among 238 people arrested during a two-month operation targeting child predators in Southern California, officials said Monday.

Student Barred From Praying, Speaking Jesus’ Name In Graduation Speech

The first amendment is one of the privileges that Americans enjoy provided to us because of the United States’ constitution; however, institutions are continually suppressing free speech, especially when it comes to the American Christian.

California AG to Refile After Judge Dismisses 14 of 15 Charges Against Man Who...

A superior court in California has temporarily dismissed 14 of 15 charges filed against David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress, but with leave to amend—that is, allowing the prosecution to refile their complaint with more specificity.

Eric Holder joins the anti-Trump resistance — and mulls a presidential campaign of his...

More than two years after leaving the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder is reentering the political fray.

Oregon Becomes First State to Allow Residents to Be Neither Male or Female on...

Oregon has become the first state to allow residents to identify as neither male or female on their driver’s license and identification card.

Forensic Psychologists Conclude Seth Rich Murder Was Not Random – Most Likely Hired or...

Newly released independent analysis of the Seth Rich murder claims that the event was not random and that his death was either committed by a serial or a hired killer.

Is Unrest Coming To The United States? Conservatives Warned To Prepare for Approaching Danger

The congressional shooting that took place last week is potentially just the beginning of more violent outbursts to come from outraged politically-saturated, tolerant liberals.

They’re Here: Two Hezbollah Jihadists Arrested In New York: “Pre-Operational Surveillance Of Terror Targets,...

Following the methodically planned San Bernadino massacre in December of 2015 we warned that more attacks were coming and that terrorists have more than likely already already infiltrated the United States in an effort to identify potential targets and execute future strikes on American citizens.

Snyder Warns: “A Full-Blown Eruption Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Would Have The Potential Of...

There Have Been 296 Earthquakes In The Vicinity Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Within The Last 7 Days

Teacher under fire for Christian view of marriage, resigns after LGBT witch hunt

A California teacher resigned after a letter he wrote for the school newspaper condemning homosexuality caused backlash.

200 Million Americans At Risk – Massive GOP Data Leak Uncovered, Addresses, Birthdates, Phone...

A massive leak was discovered on GOP servers that exposed data such as home addresses, phone numbers, and birthdates, of over 200 Million Americans to the public.

LGBTQ Groups Attempting to Ban Christian Conservatives From Government

The LGBT agenturs are attempting to remove Christian conservatives from the United States government.

New Senate Bill Empowers Feds to Seize Everything You Own

The United States Senate has put forth a bill which places all of your assets at risk. The government is expanding the ‘fight against terrorism’ by allowing private corporations to monitor your financial activity and if you slip up on one form, the government could seize all of your financial properties.

Senate Democrats Attempt To Censor Bible: Indiana Private Christian School at Center of LGBT...

A Christian private school in Indiana is under fire for sticking to the Bible, rather than obeying the whims of culture.

Tennessee Homeowner Credits Jesus Christ After Georgia Fugitives Surrender in His Driveway

A Tennessee homeowner rejected the label of hero and instead pointed to Jesus Christ while speaking at a press conference on Friday about the capture of two escaped Georgia inmates who murdered

Hundreds of Christians Arrested in Detroit

Christian activists and families are warning that deporting hundreds of Chaldean Christians who've been arrested by immigration officials in Detroit and across the country could very well be a "death sentence" for them if they are forced to return to Iraq.

Teens Are Just As Sedentary As 60 Year Olds

The rise in obesity among Americans shows no signs of slowing, and the reasons why can be traced to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that keeps people inactive, and eating, for more hours of the day.

Amazon to Buy Whole Foods in $13.4 Billion Deal

Amazon said on Friday that it had agreed to buy the upscale grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.4 billion, as the online retailer looks to conquer new territory in the supermarket aisle.

The Deep State is Attempting a Coup D’etat – Presidential Historian

Whether you're for Trump or against Trump, it matters not, one thing is clear, the deep state is attempting to overthrow President Trump.

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