All Roads Lead To Rome: The Secret Society Behind the United Nations and The New World Order – Series

Sustainable development, the global goals, global warming, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, what does it all mean? All of these have been fed to us as positive and proactive for the planet, but the foundation of these agendas is filled with lies and deception. Once those in power who want to implement these goals get their way of creating a global order, the foundation will crumble under their very feet, exposing the deception this future new world was built upon, and by that time it will be too late.

In this series, we will expose the lies of the United Nations and the many agendas they use to cloak their real plans. We will pull back the layers to see who is behind the UN, feeding them their ideology. We will discuss why the sustainable development goals are of utter importance to them and how they will use them in the future to achieve their “master plan.” As we dig deeper, we will uncover the spiritual motives behind their agenda and how it will affect us. Along the way, we will offer solutions that we have come up with to combat their agendas and awaken others to the many deceptions at hand.

Please join us as we begin The Club of Rome series exposing the United Nations, Sustainable Development and much more.

All Episodes

  1. Episode One: All Roads Lead To Rome: The Most Influential Secret Society Behind The New World Order That You Don’t Know About

  2. Episode Two: The Most Influential Secret Society Plans to Enslave and Indoctrinate Every Person on Earth Prior to The Culling

  3. Episode Three: Club of Rome Part III: Operation CO2 Population Control

  4. Episode Four: Previously scheduled for 01/12/17 (Delayed Due To Enormous Amount of Research) – You won’t want to miss this! Newly scheduled for 01/19/17

  5. Episode Five: To Be Determined (T.B.D)

  6. Episode Six: T.B.D

  7. Episode Seven: T.B.D

  8. Episode Eight: T.B.D

  9. Episode Nine: T.B.D

  10. Episode Ten: T.B.D


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