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Obama Administration Secretly Conducted Illegal Searches on Americans for Years – ‘Enormous Abuse of...

A newly obtained classified document from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court proves that Obama's NSA conducted warrantless searches on Americans for years.

What Does it Mean When A Corporation OWNS Your DNA? Companies Are Gunning For...

So many people lately want to have their DNA tested, and for a good reason, many people want to know their biological history such as where their ancestors lived, or where their unknown uncle descended from.

After School Satanist Club Wages War on the Bible Belt of America and They’re...

The satanic temple is coming for the Bible Belt, and they're gunning for the children. Through an organization called the After School satan Club, the satanic temple is attempting to sway the minds of the youth into satanism.

New Evidence: Evolutionists Now Claim Europe Was Birthplace of Mankind

According to new research by evolutionists, Europe not Africa is the original birthplace of humanity. Why? Because of a tooth and a jawbone. Without a shred of DNA evidence, researchers claim that this discovery will alter the course of Human history.

Christians in India Are Under Persecution, Can’t Talk About Jesus, Heaven or Hell, Being...

Christian charity workers are reporting that Indian nationalists are continually punishing Christians in India and pressuring them to convert to Hinduism. Often overlooked is the...

Mount St. Helens is ‘Recharging,’ is an Eruption Soon?

Researchers are confirming that Mount St. Helens is ‘recharging,’ given the latest data compiled and deciphered.

BREAKING: US-Led Coalition Strikes Hit Syrian Army in Southern Syria

Several reports indicate that the US government has launched an attack on pro-Assad forces in Syria. A US defense official told Sputnik that the US-led...

Israeli minister Calls for the Assassination of Assad, CIA Documents Reveal Plans to Oust...

An Israeli minister has called for the assassination of Assad, and states it's time to deal with Iran.
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Study: People Who Identify as ‘Religious’ are Instinctual and ‘To Be Intelligent’ is Rising...

Scientists and psychologists are now calling religious people instinctual and stating that to be intelligent is to rise above instincts. In other words, individuals who hold religious beliefs are not smart and to be smart; you can't be religious.

Ready For Lab Grown Meat?

Within as little as five years, scientists plan on producing fake beef.

HEADS UP: Yet Another ‘Secret’ Massive Cyber Attack is Underway

Yet another incredibly large-scale cyber attack is currently underway, this time - no one may even know if they have been hacked.

FBI Source Claims Seth Rich Was WIKILEAKS Source – Had Contact With Now-Deceased Investigative...

Earlier today we reported that Seth Rich, according to Private Investigator, was the source for WIKILEAKS. Ever since, mainstream media has been attempting to firestorm the situation with propaganda and distractions.

Was North Korea Behind the #Wannacry Ransomware?

The Wannacry ransomware attack on over 300,000 machines worldwide shares code with malware written by a group of North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus Group.
Iceland Farmlands

Ready to eat Bugs? In the name of Climate Change – Scientists Want People...

Imagine for dinner instead of beef it was bugs on that amazing burger of yours. Scientists and even the United Nations are planning this...

Franklin Graham: Christians in America Are ‘Persecuted’ by LGBT Agenda

Franklin Graham, just exposed the LGBT Agenda as an assault on Christians, and its about time. 215 million Christians worldwide are persecuted each year; 90,000...

Is Your Bank At Risk?

New reports indicate a massive breach in security.

The Duo: North Korea and Iran – Pawns in the Game – The Illuminati...

North Korea and Iran, the unlikely couple from hell that proves the connection between communism and Islam.

Did The President Just Admit to Being Two-Faced? Donald Trump: “I’m a globalist and...

There are high hopes that Donald Trump puts America first, but his latest comments in response to the NAFTA flip-flop may prove otherwise; in fact, it may prove a long-held suspicion about the man that he is two-faced.

The US Government Has Been Preparing For The ‘End of the World’ Since The...

Among the greatest foreign-policy dilemmas faced by former President Jimmy Carter is one that has never been publicly aired but is gaining new relevance. It concerns nuclear war, and how the U.S. government would survive it.

Transhumanism: The Agenda To Every Man Woman and Child into A Technological Slave EXPOSED

Within our lifetimes, man and machine will merge, the impact will be Biblical, and the outcome will be detrimental.

Ready For A Global Superpower Showdown?

Are you ready for a superpower showdown? Global instability has increased tensions, and created an environment that could erupt in a short amount of time if cooler heads fail to prevail.

Disturbing New Technology Can Read MINDS

A device that can literally read our minds has been invented by scientists.

Massive New Find: Egyptian Archaeologists Discover EIGHT MUMMIES and MORE

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered eight mummies in a 3,500-year-old tomb near the southern city of Luxor.

Sean Spicer: “Trump will act on North Korea under article 2 of the constitution,...

President Trump will act on North Korea under article 2 of the constitution, but will notify congress.

What is Hawaii Preparing For?

Hawaii lawmakers recently called for state officials to update the coping plans for a nuclear disaster. The state house passed the resolution on Thursday, and Hawaii will now begin to alter the coping plans incase of the inevitable.


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