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Google Develops Artificial Intelligence that can ‘Imagine’ and Plan Ahead

Google is developing a robot that can think for itself, imagine and plan ahead based on past experiences and or recognition of right and wrong.

Amazon’s Alexa Will Now Dictate Prayers To Christians

Amazon's Alexa can now help individuals better connect with God, thanks to the Abide Flash Briefing skill. On the heels of Amazon Prime Day, users need to enable the skill and simply ask Alexa, "What's my flash briefing?" to hear a daily prayer provided by Abide, the Christian meditation and prayer app.

Google’s AI Research Facility Expands to Canada

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has been up for debate for a long time. Creating something that can stand on par or be better than human intelligence carries a lot of risks that developers should be wary of. Fully understanding the potential for disaster, Google's drive to give the world everything it can offer has led them to expand the services and research facility of DeepMind to cover Canada.

Government Sponsored Group Develops Mind Reading Technology, To Further Map The Human Brain

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have uncovered how to, essentially, read minds.

Ready for the Brave New World? Scientists are Teaming up with Artists to Bring...

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century will also be one of the most Biblical, the artificial womb. Science and technology have brought mankind to the brink of where if we cross this line there is no going back.

Amazon patents beehive-like structure to house delivery drones in cities

If Amazon has its way, cities around the US will have vertical drone centers shaped like giant beehives in the middle of downtown districts, allowing the online retailer to coordinate speedy deliveries by unmanned aircrafts.

IBM ‘woke up the A.I. world,’ CEO Ginni Rometty says

The conversation in the technology community about artificial intelligence was first rekindled by manufacturing giant IBM and its AI platform, Watson, CEO Ginni Rometty said on Tuesday.

In China, a robot has started delivering packages to people

Jingdong, or JD.com, China’s second-biggest e-commerce company after Alibaba, sent robots to deliver items for the first time yesterday (June 18), on the last day of a two-week-long shopping bonanza that recorded sales of around $17.6 billion, according to a spokesman with the company.

The Technocracy Takeover – Artificial Intelligence is the ‘Deep State,’ Global AI Will Dominate...

Global artificial intelligence and sentient robotics combine to bring about the end of life as we know it. What will become of humanity as technology invades every aspect of life?

Humans Have 45 Years Left Before AI Completely Takes Over

Make no mistake Artificial Intelligence will rob you of your house, car, life, job, and so on because, according to experts, in as little as 45 years AI will be better at doing everything you do.

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Draw ‘Human Faces;’ One Problem, It’s Drawing Demons

An Artificial Intelligence was programmed to draw human faces, one problem it didn’t draw people, rather it drew demons.

DARPA Creates System to Augment Soldiers and Artificial Intelligence

The future of war will not be waged by those who are the strongest, those who can shoot the best, or by those who...

New AI-based program can predict patient’s lifespan

Sydney: Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) programme that can predict when a patient's is likely to die, simply by looking at images of their organs with 69 per cent accuracy.

Demand For Artificial Intelligence Is Expected To Increase Exponentially Over Next Several Years

The latest market research from the field of Artificial Intelligence shows that over the next few years, the demand for AI is set to rise substantially.

Artificial Intelligence: The Judge, Jury, and Executioner – AI is Already Incriminating Citizens

Artificial intelligence has arrived in the court systems and its already incriminating citizens.

AI Powered Headphones that read you mood, record your movements, and listen to those...

Technology may not be able to put a chip into your brain (just yet, anyway), but it can wrap headphones around your skull, figure out your mood and use that to select music you might like.

The All Seeing Eye of Destruction: Google Creates ‘Image-Recognition AI’ For Your Smartphone

In 2016, Alphabet Inc. Patented ‘Google Lens,’ a computerized contact lens that gets embedded into the eye which can record and take pictures. In 2017, Alphabet Inc. brings about the first phase of ‘Google Lens’ in the form of an ‘image-recognition AI' for your smartphone.

‘Spirit Artificial Intelligence’ Creating ‘Entities’ and ‘Summoning the Demon’

Spirit AI is taking Gods creation of the human soul and attempting to recreate it in their own online ‘entities’ by using the big data it collects from its social and game monitoring services.

Creepy New App Uses AI to alter photos and manipulate expression

It’s the app that takes your picture and transforms it into multiple versions of yourself. You’ve probably witnessed the magic on a friend’s Facebook post, the 2×2 grid with their picture, an older version of them, a younger of them, and another re-imagining of them as the opposite sex.

(UPDATED) Meet Duo and Amazon LOOK; The Creepiest New AI Technology Corporations Will Use...

In the past couple of years ‘assistant’ technology has grown drastically from Siri and Cortana to the Echo or the Google Home, but now, meet Duo. The creepy new mirror that not only will watch you undress but will also dish out the latest news, control your house’s climate, monitor your calendar, and more.

Must see: Are Tech Giants Google Facebook, and Amazon Building Secret Militarized Robots?

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Is this a Joke? FBI Comey ‘No such thing as absolute privacy in America’

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Nazi Technology on Steroids: The Coming Augmented Reality, Where Computers Are ‘Alive’ and Cognitive

Are you ready for a world where technology and man are one? Science and technology have brought us to the point of "cyber-physical systems" which will soon exist, and this new reality is rapidly unfolding.


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Machine-Human Wars; US Army is Testing Mind Controlling, Brainwave Reading Technology, AI to Lead...

The future fight, won’t be like anything humanity has ever seen before. In the not so distant future, machine-humans or humanoids will occupy the battlefield. Artificial Intelligence, AI, is changing the way battles are fought, and creating the hive mind along the way.

Welcome to the New ‘Arms Race:’ Artificial Intelligence

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Bank of America Has Begun Implementing the BEAST SYSTEM Into Local Branches

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The Illuminati is About To Finish Abolishing The Middle Class – Create Slave Welfare...

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Next-Level Amazon Grocery Leads Directly to Microchip Implants, Computer Vision Databases, and Totalitarian Machine...

Amazon has created a 'next-level' grocery store in Seattle that does just that by utilizing machine intelligence and facial recognition software. New technology like this is paving the way towards microchip implants, and the mark of the beast.

Alert – Artificial intelligence can detect criminals based on facial features – study

Although it may sound like something from a scene in the Hollywood movie ‘Minority Report,’ artificial intelligence may be able to predict if an individual will be a criminal based on his or her facial features, according to a new study.

Welcome to the Transition? New Google AI Will Soon “Understand” The Meaning of Search...

Welcome to the transition? Google scientists believe it’s new AI based factotum will be the biggest thing since Google search. So what is factotum?

Artificial Intelligence – The Judge, Jury, Lawyer, Journalist, and Executioner

In the days ahead imagine a world in which your crimes were judged not by your fellow peers, but rather by an artificial intelligence.
human brain neural net deep mind

Google, Microsoft, Apple, And the CIA Are Building Machines To Usher in ‘New Age’...

Big Tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all working on “new” technologies that in collusion with Big Government Divisions like the CIA will paint a very, very 1984 picture of the USA.

Creator of D-Wave Quantum Computer Artificial Intelligence is the “altar of an alien god”...

Right now is the beginning of the Artificial Intelligence era, this is the era of quantum computing; this is the period that mankind "stands at the altar of an alien god." That strange deity is being constructed into our reality through artificial intelligence. Mankind is succumbing to the will of the elite, not through warfare - but by the power of convenience. The creator of D-Wave, the CIA-backed quantum computing company, states that being near a Quantum Computer (QC) is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”

Mixing Technology and The New Age Deception: Virtual Reality Heartbeat Triggers Out-of-Body Experience

The New Age Deception is afoot, and technology is paving the way for an interconnected reality, known as the Hive Mind. Virtual Reality has it’s stake in playing a large role in paving the way towards such a world.

Augmented Intelligence: IBM Creates Artificial Neuron For Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Scientists at IBM have just completed the creation of the first Artificial Neuron for processing tasks such as cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and augmented intelligence. Cognitive computing resembles human-like processing abilities such as predictive intelligence, computer vision, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, audio recognition and bioinformatics.

Artificial Intelligence: Scientists Grow an Artificial Brain for Project “Deep Machine Learning”

Scientists will create an Artificial Intelligence this world has never, ever seen before based on the recently completed Artificial Brain Project and the soon to be completed Project Deep Machine Learning.

Thrust: The Pentagon is Building A “Self-Aware” AI Killer Robot that Lives on Social...

The Pentagon has teamed up with DARPA and other agencies to create a "self-aware" AI, robot, that will use posts on social media to decipher a threat level of an individual and determine whether or not they should be placed on a kill list.

DNA Data Storage Officially Marks the Crossing of Biology and Technology

The lines of biology and technology are crossing at an alarming rate. New technology sets the stage for a total evolution in data storage,...

“Tay” Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Spews the Truth about 9/11, Feminism, and Trump

It is an absolute fact that artificial intelligence will one day rule the world. For a preview of what will actually happen; Tay, Bill...

There is Not Much Time Left; the BRAIN of Destruction is Taking Shape

The brain is an unimaginable organ, it contains literally an entire persona, health, functions, faith, and so much more information. Understanding that the brain...

Artificial Intelligence is taking over, and it brings the end of the world as...

Like your job? Not so fast, Artificial Intelligence is invading like the plague. Recently, an emotionally intelligent robot came to life ready to fulfill...
Mind Control on a Whole New Level The Integration of the Hive Mind and Mankindvideo

Ground Breaking: Mind Control on a Whole New Level The Integration of the Hive...

Throughout time mankind has been fascinated with many different things; one of which is understanding the inner workings of the brain to implement mind...

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