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Transhumanism: The Agenda To Every Man Woman and Child into A Technological Slave EXPOSED

Within our lifetimes, man and machine will merge, the impact will be Biblical, and the outcome will be detrimental.

Wire: US Government Legalized Satanic Rituals, European Superstate Taking Shape, Chimeras Considered Humans?

Today we cover an array of topics from the US government in Oklahoma legalizing Satanic rituals, to the European Union forming the European Superstate, and the reality that Science wants us to paint chimeras as humans.

Welcome to the Transition? New Google AI Will Soon “Understand” The Meaning of Search...

Welcome to the transition? Google scientists believe it’s new AI based factotum will be the biggest thing since Google search. So what is factotum?

Brain Implants: Scientists Take Massive Step Towards The Mark of the Beast With New...

Scientists at the University of Calgary have created a brain chip which can mimic cellular function within the brain, marking a tipping point in biotechnology; and thus further paving the way for a fully functional Brain Computer Interface (BCI) which could be used as a form of the Mark of the Beast.

All Seeing Eye: Google, Samsung, and Sony Building A Cyborg Contact Lens That Records...

The all seeing eye of destruction. Both Google, Samsung, and Sony are building a cyborg contact lens which can record, track, and transmit everything seen with the eyeball. The lens could also play the footage back soon after the recording completed. Google plans to inject the cyborg lens into the eye whereas Sony and Samsung would manufacture a true cyborg contact lens.

Beast Technology: New Digital skin activates brain cells

Man and metal do not mix, however as clearly shown it is one of the biggest fields in medicine. Given the fact, that combining...

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