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Move to the countryside if you want to beat cancer

DailyMail -- Cancer patients are more likely to survive their battle if they live in the countryside, new research suggests. Being surrounded by trees and...

Bombshell New Emails Prove Coalition Between Monsanto and The EPA To Destroy Our Health

We should be able to trust that the food we buy is safe, but when the people in charge of that are working to keep unsafe chemicals on the market – we have a huge problem!

Must See: Officialls Finally Admit ‘Fukushima Fingerprint’ in West Coast Fish

Thank you for watching our latest youtube video, we directly import all of our youtube videos to our website, and if you...

Chillies could help beat cancer as research finds capsaicin destroys diseased cells

Chillies could help fight breast cancer after scientists revealed the spicy ingredient causes diseased cells to self destruct.

Groundbreaking Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer

The cancer patient killer - chemotherapy. A groundbreaking study shows that up to 50 percent of cancer patients die from the drugs, not the disease.

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