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Danger: Scientist Edits Human Embryo For The First Time & Injects A Person for...

Designer Babies are rapidly becoming a reality, for the first time a biologist from Sweden recently publicized his successful editing of human DNA in embryos. Mainly paving the way for both designer babies and removing the hand of God from creation.

And So It Begins: US Government Lifts Ban on Part-Human, Part-Animal Embryos; Chimeras

“They want to take human stem cells and put them inside these animal embryos, in the hopes that the human stem...

What in the World? Flying Creature or Biblical End Time Locust Caught on Camera...

The Biblical End Time is fast approaching, and the flying creatures mentioned in Revelation, termed Locust, potentially are beginning to make their debut given the recent sighting in Canada.

GIANT Discovery in Bolivia: Elongated Skulls NOT Caused By Artificial Cranial Deformation – It’s...

A recent discovery in Bolivia sets the stage for uncovering the true history about the Giants. Elongated skulls are not just be caused by Artificial Cranial Deformation, but rather it's genetic.

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