Nobel Laureates Claim Top Dangers to Human Survival Stem from “Unintended” Consequences of Science...

Fifty Nobel prize winners recently met to discuss and vote on the biggest threats facing humanity, their responses range from Donald Trump to Nuclear War, to Climate Change, and or science itself.

The Dirty Vatican, The Black Pope, and Their Heinous Crimes – The Masters of...

What happens when a Jesuit becomes the Pope? Pope Francis, formally Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is the first Jesuit to ever, ever become Pope and according to their inner workings - putting such an outsider at the head of an institution mired by difficulties is a bold move, and such signaled that significant changes were coming to The Dirty Vatican...

Leaked Antifa Manual? Purported Document Depicts the Takeover of America and the Construction of...

A peculiar manual was released online in recent days, the document purports to be a handbook for the ANTIFA movement, but the question is its legitimacy. The materials origins supposedly trace back to Evergreen College, but once again the validity of the document is in question.

President Trump Blames All Sides in Charlottesville – Turning the Tides of Communism’s Subversion...

President Donald Trump correctly not only condemned the white nationalists and Neo-nazis during the Charlottesville event, but he also condemned the ‘alt-left.’ The United...

Wire: North Korean Nukes Linked To Ukraine, Charlottesville Exposed, Baal Arch Resurfaces

Tonight on the Wire, North Korea backs down from threats to attack Guam, plus the truth about just where Korea acquired its nuclear weapons....

Wire: The Inevitable Outcome of The Korean Crisis, Irrefutable Proof Surfaces of Simple Bible...

Will the United States go to war with North Korea? How much has changed within the last twenty-four hours in regards to the North Korean crisis, find out more tonight on the Wire. Also, Biblical truths are being confirmed by archeologists across the globe... All that and so much more, tonight on the Wire.

The Echo Chamber: Google is Guilty of Ideological Suppression, Confirmation Bias, and Ritual Defamation

A top-tier Google employee created a memo in which he described exactly what every single Christian and conservative is undergoing from the technology giant. Upon discovery of the employee-written memo, Google fired said employee.

War of Words or World at War? The North Korean Crisis Unfolds

A situation with North Korea could end the lives of millions in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Guam, and many other nations; thus effectively making this crisis one that the world has not seen since approximately World War Two.

The Age-old Lie of Satan Continues – Engineers Believe they are going to Create...

Technologists such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Altman, and others are not exactly shy when it comes to their versions of the future.

Wire: Communist China is Rising, North Korean Crisis, Disney is Spying on Customers with...

Tonight on the Wire, China seeks to replace the United States on the World Stage as Xi Jinping thirsts for global power, can the communist nation avoid the Thucydides trap?

Wire: Wars and Rumors of Wars, Christians Are Being Forced to Close Down Shops...

Tonight on The Wire, experts uncover more Biblical evidence, the United States Senate approved Russian sanctions that could lead to a trade war with the European Union. Christians are being forced to shutter their shops because of the LGBTQ community, all that and so much more tonight on The Wire.

‘Alien Baby’ Unearthed in Crimea With Elongated Skull

Dubbed the alien baby, archaeologists in Crimea have unearthed what appears to be a child with an elongated skull.

Google Develops Artificial Intelligence that can ‘Imagine’ and Plan Ahead

Google is developing a robot that can think for itself, imagine and plan ahead based on past experiences and or recognition of right and wrong.

Wire: Scientists Attempt To Alter Life and The Climate, The UN Unleashes Plan To...

Tonight on the Wire, Scientists are attempting to alter life's building blocks, DNA, and trying to commercialize climate control. Also, masculinity is under assault, in the West, sperm count in men is down by over 60% in just 40 years. Planned Parenthood releases guidelines that establish gender and Trump rebukes transgenderism in the military. All that and so much more, tonight on The Wire.

Wire: Archeologists Discover Clues in Search For The ‘Ark of the Covenant,’ US Company...

Tonight on the Wire, archeologists in the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant find artifacts that could portray the actual location, a leading psychiatrist at John Hopkins University claims that transgenderism is a mental illness. Also, a Wisconsin Company will be the first to offer RFID implants to employees, all that and so much more tonight on The Wire.

Wisconsin Company, 32M, To Offer RFID Microchips to Employees, Paving the Way Towards the...

A Wisconsin company is aiming to be the first corporation in the US to offer microchip implants to its employees.

Shroud of Turin: Setting the Stage for the Antichrist

The world famous Shroud of Turin supposedly of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was analyzed by Italian researchers who discovered that the relic carries the...

China Continues Suppression of Christianity, Communist Party Members Warned to Abandon Religious Beliefs for...

China’s religious winter continues against Christianity, members of the Communist Chinese Party were told to abandon all forms of belief for Marxist Atheism.

Wire: ‘Mountain of God’ Set to Erupt? Global Welfare State To Be Created By...

Tonight on The Wire; is the Mountain of God volcano set to erupt? Will Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and others successfully implement universal basic income on a global scale? Find out on tonight's episode.

US Department of Defense Report Proclaims American Empire is ‘Fraying’ May Even Be Collapsing

The United States Department of Defense has concluded over a year's long research project from The US Army War College that US primacy is in fact 'collapsing.’

Amazon’s Alexa Will Now Dictate Prayers To Christians

Amazon's Alexa can now help individuals better connect with God, thanks to the Abide Flash Briefing skill. On the heels of Amazon Prime Day, users need to enable the skill and simply ask Alexa, "What's my flash briefing?" to hear a daily prayer provided by Abide, the Christian meditation and prayer app.

The Rising Geopolitical Death Cult is Hell Bent on Destroying America and Fomenting The...

The United States has been the dominating power on the world stage for a long time, but what happens when two or more accompany our party?

Wire: UN Adopts Nuclear Arms Treaty, IBM Building AI Supercomputer After Human Brain

Welcome to the Christian Journal Wire, you can listen to this broadcast by either listening to the embedded podcast above - or you can watch...

Hacked computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of Russia investigators

It is perhaps the key piece of forensic evidence in Russia’s suspected efforts to sway the November presidential election, but federal investigators have yet to get their hands on the hacked computer server that handled email from the Democratic National Committee.

Wire: Mark of the Beast Within 10 Years, Vatican Rocked, Trump Family Partying With...

Tonight on The Wire, Will we see the Mark of the Beast within ten years? The North Korean Crisis once again, for the 'umpteen' this year is at the brink, scripture is being removed from the Bible, Trump family is partying with Soros and crew, iPhone 8 will have 3d facial recognition cameras, and so much more - don't miss out.

The Technology That Controls The Weather, Controls The World – Climate Change Leads To...

Man-made Climate Change is the result of propaganda, for one primary purpose to control the weather, and as a result of that, to restructure the international financial system.

Hidden Hand Discovered: LGBT Mega-Donor Reveals Next Goal: ‘Punish the Wicked’ Gay Marriage Opponents

A prominent LGBT activist who has donated more than anyone else to LGBT causes has said that "wicked" people who advocate for laws protecting the religious freedom of conservative Christians to act in accordance with their views on marriage and sexuality need to be "punished."

Insanity has Come: Womb Transplants for Gay, Transgender and Straight Men Who Want to...

Fertility doctors in the U.K. are reportedly working on womb transplant procedures that would allow transgender people born as males, and also other men, to have babies.

The Wire: NASA Prepares Antichrist System, Zuckerberg Calls Facebook the ‘New Church,’ Canadian Baby...

Tonight on the Wire, NASA is both preparing for a Solar Minimum and facilitating the Antichrist system all while Mark Zuckerberg claims Facebook is the new 'Church.' In Canada, for the first time, a child will be labeled genderless. All that and so much more on tonight's explosive episode of The Wire.

Twitter Labels Unborn Children as ‘Hate Speech,’ Censors Pro-Life Group

Twitter is refusing to take money from a pro-life group for advertisements because of their "hate and sensitive policy.” In other words, Twitter has labeled unborn children as hate speech.

NASA Presentation from 2001 Predicts the Antichrist System, Technological Revolution, and the Artificial Takeover

For quite some time the shadow government has prepared a technological revolution that will forever change both humanity and the world. That revolution is happening right now, and it’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through technology, NASA and several other organizations have planned, prepared, and predicted certain events that might take place by the year 2025.

U.N. Panel Releases Draft of Treaty to Ban Nuclear Arms

A United Nations disarmament panel presented the first draft on Monday of a proposed global treaty to ban nuclear weapons, which advocates called an important step that could hasten completion of a final text by early July.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It’s a blueprint for the global enslavement of...

Did you know that the UN is planning to launch a “new universal agenda” for humanity in September 2015? That phrase does not come from me – it is actually right in the very first paragraph of the official document that every UN member nation will formally approve at a conference later this month.

The Wire: Is Yellowstone about to Blow? Christian Organizations Being Labeled As hate Groups,...

Tonight on the Wire, Christian groups are now being deemed hate groups by GuideStar for opposing same-sex marriage, new archeological discoveries have led to the uncovering of a 'skull cult' in Turkey, and a monstrous alter dedicated to a Chinese sun deity...

New Pew Poll: Gay Marriage Support Among White Evangelicals Has Doubled

Gay marriage support among evangelicals has risen proving that a crisis within the Church at large is brewing.

The LGBT Agenda Will Bring About Transhumanism and Artificial Wombs – 1971 Homosexual Manifesto

The ever-increasing reality that the LGBT movement is the tool of an agenda to destroy the family model and create an environment where transhumanists and technologists thrive is not a new idea, rather it was declared in a homosexual manifesto from 1971.

IBM ‘woke up the A.I. world,’ CEO Ginni Rometty says

The conversation in the technology community about artificial intelligence was first rekindled by manufacturing giant IBM and its AI platform, Watson, CEO Ginni Rometty said on Tuesday.

Wire: Christianity At The Turning Point, Amazon To Foment Mark of the Beast, Our...

Tonight on the Wire, Christianity at the turning point Canadians are being silenced all while the Canadian government allows the culling of the mentally ill, Amazon did not just take over Whole Foods, rather they just began the journey to implementing the Mark of the Beast through artificial intelligence.
rome st. peter

Pope Francis Appoints Pro-Abortion Professor to Pro-Life Academy, Questions Raised if Catholic Church Changing...

Each year roughly 200,000 babies are brutally murdered, maimed, and ripped limb from limb in America; yet, in their case not too many people of the world seem to give a hoot about them, not even the Pope.

Computers are starting to “reason like humans”

How many parks are near the new home you’re thinking of buying? What’s the best dinner-wine pairing at a restaurant? These everyday questions require relational reasoning, an important component of higher thought that has been difficult for artificial intelligence (AI) to master.

North Carolina County Officially Recognizes ‘Month of Ramadan,’ Teaching Observance of Traditions

On June 6th, 2017 Mecklenburg County of North Carolina adopted a resolution that officially recognizes the month of Ramadan.

Wire: Unborn Children Are Now Jewelry, LGBT Attempting Remove Classification of Homosexuality As Biblical...

In tonight's Wire, we cover several topics ranging from the LGBT community attempting to have homosexuality, transgenderism removed from 'Sin List.' In addition, an Australian company is turning fertilized human embryos — that is, children at the embryonic stage — into jewelry. As well as coverage of the anti-sharia law protests that were met with paid protestors and communists all across the country, and finally so much more - watch above to find out.

The Wire: June 8th The Day of Non-Stop Bombshells – The Deep State Defeated,...

In tonight's episode of the Wire, we covered today's events ranging from The Comey Bombshells to Pope Francis claiming that "God is not God without man." June 8th, 2017 will be known as the day that the record was finally set straight - The liberal witch hunt is all based on hot air and distractions.

‘Closer Than Ever Before To The Peace Deal’ – Israeli Defense Minister

Israel is closer than ever before to a Peace Deal claims Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu). Meanwhile the US Senate unanimously ok's a US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Well Known Pastor: Terror Attacks are a Signal for the End Times, Demonic Spirits...

A Well known Pastor in California claims that we are living in the End Times, his reaoning terrorism.

United Methodist Church Turns to Blasphemy, Forsakes The Bible; Ordains First ‘Non-binary Trans’ Deacon

The United Methodist Church has reached a new low by ordaining a transgender individual who does not identify as a male of female. Confusion is of the devil, for God is not the author of confusion - how can a Christian congregation not understand that?

Gay Progressive ‘Christians’ Are Destroying Christianity

The Christian identity, a relationship with Jesus Christ, requires that one forsake himself, and take up his cross, and follow Him. However, gay progressive Christians are instead, placing themselves before God.

The Wire: Shocking Worldwide Events Continue, Shadow Government Plans Global Takeover

Tonight on The Wire; The shadow government finished up their 2017 meeting, amidst yet another terror attack, this time in London. More Christians are being persecuted today than ever before, all while the rise of insanity is taking place. Crazy worldwide earthly events continue, all that and so much more on The Wire.

London Bridge terror attack – multiple casualties and second incident at Borough Market

LONDON Bridge has been plunged into chaos amid reports of a vehicle mowing down pedestrians.

New AI-based program can predict patient’s lifespan

Sydney: Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) programme that can predict when a patient's is likely to die, simply by looking at images of their organs with 69 per cent accuracy.

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