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Massive Update: Facebook and Google To Decipher What’s True and Whats “Fake”

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Creator of D-Wave Quantum Computer Artificial Intelligence is the “altar of an alien god”...

Right now is the beginning of the Artificial Intelligence era, this is the era of quantum computing; this is the period that mankind "stands at the altar of an alien god." That strange deity is being constructed into our reality through artificial intelligence. Mankind is succumbing to the will of the elite, not through warfare - but by the power of convenience. The creator of D-Wave, the CIA-backed quantum computing company, states that being near a Quantum Computer (QC) is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”

Alert: Evil On A Whole New Level, Inter-Dimensional Teleportation is Now A Reality

Cloning, teleportation, inter-dimensional beings; the very concepts of these topics remain on the fringe side of science and technology. However, the truth is that many physicists seek to prove that it can be done. Now, for the first time; it has happened. The 'Quantum Quirk', made two atoms exist in two places at once.

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