Communist China to Take Global Lead on “Climate Geoengineering”

For the past several years, independent researchers from across the globe have expressed a growing concern over the enthusiasm displayed by scientists at the...

Nobel Laureates Claim Top Dangers to Human Survival Stem from “Unintended” Consequences of Science...

Fifty Nobel prize winners recently met to discuss and vote on the biggest threats facing humanity, their responses range from Donald Trump to Nuclear War, to Climate Change, and or science itself.

Scientists Remotely Hack Brain, Control Limbs and Body Movements Using Nanoparticles and Custom DNA...

Taking possession to a whole new level, scientists have figured out how to hack the brain to control limbs and body movements.

Wire: Is Lucifer Manifesting in Weather? The Shocking Indoctrination Campaign Employed By Google Explained,...

On tonight's jam-packed episode of the Wire we cover everything ranging from Google's massive indoctrination, censorship campaign to the nearing solar eclipse potentially being a sign of the End Times. Don't miss tonight's episode, thanks for watching and listening!

Wire: Scientists Attempt To Alter Life and The Climate, The UN Unleashes Plan To...

Tonight on the Wire, Scientists are attempting to alter life's building blocks, DNA, and trying to commercialize climate control. Also, masculinity is under assault, in the West, sperm count in men is down by over 60% in just 40 years. Planned Parenthood releases guidelines that establish gender and Trump rebukes transgenderism in the military. All that and so much more, tonight on The Wire.

Leading Psychiatrist: Support of Transgenderism and Sex-Change Surgey is ‘Collaborating With Madness’

“We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it,” said Dr. McHugh.

‘Angel Particle’ Discovered in Landmark Quantum Physics Breakthrough

Scientists and researchers have discovered a ‘landmark’ quantum physics breakthrough the angel particle or as it is formally known as the Majorana fermion particle.

Bill Nye: Older people need to ‘die’ out before climate science can advance

Bill Nye specifically targeted the elderly this week as he spoke out against climate change deniers, saying that climate science will start to advance when old people start to "age out," according to a report.

Wire: ‘Mountain of God’ Set to Erupt? Global Welfare State To Be Created By...

Tonight on The Wire; is the Mountain of God volcano set to erupt? Will Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and others successfully implement universal basic income on a global scale? Find out on tonight's episode.

Watch: Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Claims Humans Descended From Martians, But to Be...

Bill Nye, the science guy, claims that humans can and are descendants of Martians, all while calling Christians crazy and claiming that The Bible is made up.

The Technology That Controls The Weather, Controls The World – Climate Change Leads To...

Man-made Climate Change is the result of propaganda, for one primary purpose to control the weather, and as a result of that, to restructure the international financial system.

Bill Nye Is Manipulating Science to Promote Transgenderism, Says American College of Pediatricians Pres.

On his Netflix show "Bill Nye Saves the World" on Sunday, the man famous for his 1990s series "Bill Nye the Science Guy" cheerily featured "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star Rachel Bloom performing a lewd number called "My Sex Junk" and a video called "Ice Cream Sexuality," a clear derision of Christian sexual ethics. Nye's new show occasionally references science and scientific language with the purpose of promoting left-wing causes.

Atheist Group Complains About Anne Graham Lotz Prayer Event at Sheriff’s Office

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation pressured a North Carolina Sheriff's office to make changes to a prayer event scheduled to be held on...

Ready for the Brave New World? Scientists are Teaming up with Artists to Bring...

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century will also be one of the most Biblical, the artificial womb. Science and technology have brought mankind to the brink of where if we cross this line there is no going back.

Computers are starting to “reason like humans”

How many parks are near the new home you’re thinking of buying? What’s the best dinner-wine pairing at a restaurant? These everyday questions require relational reasoning, an important component of higher thought that has been difficult for artificial intelligence (AI) to master.

Brain Implants Are Here: Government, Tech Companies Working on Making Brain ‘Programmable’

Brain implants aren't coming because they are already here. Tech companies and Government agencies are working on making the Brain programmable and debuggable.

Creating Creatures: CRISPR Causes Horrific, Unwanted, Unknown Genetic Mutations

CRISPR is all the rage of gene editing, and can cause thousands of unwanted mutations claim doctors from Columbia, Stanford, and the University of Iowa who recently published their disturbing findings on the topic.

Open SESAME, CERN’s New Light Source to Create “Science for Peace” in the Middle...

Particle physics, a world of breaking the rules, of tampering with the unknown, and a world of hidden motives. CERN has been delving into primordial plasma for years at the Large Hadron Collider, but there’s a new facility treading on creation, and it was built by the same physicists who run CERN.

What Does it Mean When A Corporation OWNS Your DNA? Companies Are Gunning For...

So many people lately want to have their DNA tested, and for a good reason, many people want to know their biological history such as where their ancestors lived, or where their unknown uncle descended from.

New Evidence: Evolutionists Now Claim Europe Was Birthplace of Mankind

According to new research by evolutionists, Europe not Africa is the original birthplace of humanity. Why? Because of a tooth and a jawbone. Without a shred of DNA evidence, researchers claim that this discovery will alter the course of Human history.

It’s Here: Researchers Grow Neurons, Brain Cells, On A Chip – Up Next the...

Researchers have successfully grown a brain cell, neuron, on a chip. While this is not the result that futurists are hoping for, it is a step in that direction.
Light Bulb

Study: People Who Identify as ‘Religious’ are Instinctual and ‘To Be Intelligent’ is Rising...

Scientists and psychologists are now calling religious people instinctual and stating that to be intelligent is to rise above instincts. In other words, individuals who hold religious beliefs are not smart and to be smart; you can't be religious.

Ready For Lab Grown Meat?

Within as little as five years, scientists plan on producing fake beef.

Scientists are Attempting to ‘Prove’ that ‘Religious’ People are Crazy – Study

According to a study done by the researchers at Northwestern University, damage in a particular part of the brain is linked to an increase in religious fundamentalism. In particular, lesions in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex reduced cognitive flexibility - the ability to challenge our beliefs based on new evidence.

Wire: Catholic Church To Approve Euthanasia? Human Brain Waves Will Teach Robots To Shoot

In tonight's Wire; we are covering the Brothers of Charity, a Catholic Church, and how they are attempting to approve euthanasia for patients, including those under psychiatric care, at their health centers. Also, we are covering North Korea's latest threats against the United States, and how now Kim Jung Un wants to 'blow up' the White House. For tonight's specials reports welcome to the world where your dreams aren't even safe anymore, and the terminator comes alive. Don't miss tonight's Wire.

DARPA Creating New Mind Control Program For ‘Brain-Hacking’

DARPA is further mainstreaming mind control by bringing about 'upload learning,' and is attempting to control further how thoughts are formed in an individual while learning.

Wire: Here’s How the NWO Will Control You, Scientists Find Link Between Alcohol and...

At the convergence of science and technology we stand, on the brink of something tyrannical taking over our land.

And So it Begins, Again: CERN Restarts LHC on Illuminati Ritual Day

The LHC kicks off its 2017 run, the beast of a machine became partially on none other than Beltane (May Day) the pagan ritualistic holiday, also known as the Illuminati's second most sacred holiday.

Humanity is at the turning point

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One child policy for the developed world? Scientists: Climate Change to Limit Children

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Prehistoric human DNA is found in caves without bones in ‘enormous scientific breakthrough’

International scientists have uncovered prehistoric human DNA of two extinct human relatives - the Neanderthals, and the Denisovans- from caves without bones, an advance that could shed new light on human history and evolution.

Wire: Prominent Scientists Rally For Depopulation Agenda, Donald Trump ‘Captured By Deep State’

Prominent scientists plan to urge policy makers to create a penalizing policy for parents who have 'extra children,' in addition Al Gore requires $15 Trillion to combat 'Global Warming' and it would appear, according to Paul Craig Roberts that Donald Trump has been captured by the Deep State, all that and more on the wire.

Former PBS show host Bill Nye, attacks Christians on Netflix

The popular 90’s PBS children’s show host of “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, now intends on “saving” the world with his new Netflix series called “Bill Nye Saves The World”. Just how does the popular scientist plan on doing that? By mocking Christianity with vulgar depictions of sexual acts and discussing the different flavors of sexuality. PARENTS BEWARE!

(UPDATED) Meet Duo and Amazon LOOK; The Creepiest New AI Technology Corporations Will Use...

In the past couple of years ‘assistant’ technology has grown drastically from Siri and Cortana to the Echo or the Google Home, but now, meet Duo. The creepy new mirror that not only will watch you undress but will also dish out the latest news, control your house’s climate, monitor your calendar, and more.

Culture of Lawlessness; The Desire For Human Flesh Grows

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Culture of Lawlessness; Desire For Human Flesh Grows As Cannibalism Returns and Blood Thirsty...

New research reveals that ‘early’ humans feasted on human flesh as part of ritual practice and culture. Such practices of old are rapidly returning to the forefront of our society, scientists recently ‘discovered’ that young human blood can regenerate the memories of the old.

Wire: Donald Trump The Two-Faced Deception Exposed, Kushner Tied to 9/11, Gene Editing Begins

According to Politico, the new administration loves the media off camera, but on camera, it's a war path. Also, Kushner has direct funding ties to George Soros and to the corporations that caused 9/11.

New Children’s Book by MIT: ‘Communism For Kids’ – Intends to Brainwash the Youth...

MIT, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, released a new book and you’ll never guess what it’s about; Communism For Kids.

Disturbing New Technology Can Read MINDS

A device that can literally read our minds has been invented by scientists.

Spiritual Technology: The Coming Age of Transhuman Beasts from the Pit of Hell

Within our lifetimes, man and machine will merge, the impact will be Biblical, and the outcome will be detrimental.

Next California earthquake could liquefy 235-foot-high dam and unleash 29 billions gallons of water

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Wire: CERN BOMBSHELL Occult Connection Undoubtedly Proved, and What is Trump DOING?

On April 6th CERN announced the winner of the Collide artist awards, and they were no less demonic than last year.

Technocracy Rising: Ready to live in a “Smart City?”

Are you familiar with the concept of a “smart city?” MasterCard, Big Data, and corporations alike are striving towards smart cities because when the governments meet their end, smart cities will be the hubs of the New World Order.

Scientists Mock Miracles of Jesus Christ; Large Corporations Create Life Long Customers by Altering...

Super-humans and the end of all disease, that is the supposed agenda of biotechnology. But in reality, these scientists just don't want to die, most likely because they know who they'll have to meet.

Elon Musk Develops Company Neuralink, Will Create Parts of The Mark of the Beast

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is backing a brain-computer interface venture called Neuralink, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Wire: US Government Legalized Satanic Rituals, European Superstate Taking Shape, Chimeras Considered Humans?

Today we cover an array of topics from the US government in Oklahoma legalizing Satanic rituals, to the European Union forming the European Superstate, and the reality that Science wants us to paint chimeras as humans.

Ex-New Age Blogger Warns Members of the Occult Forming New World Order Prophesied in...

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Incredibly Powerful 1961 Prophecy Describes What is Happening Today!

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Must see: Are Tech Giants Google Facebook, and Amazon Building Secret Militarized Robots?

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The Illuminati’s Secret Plans for Baby Farming Just Went Live in the UK, Humans...

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