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Can You Handle the Truth? An ‘Elite’ Mouthpiece Tells All – The Globalists Want...

In his books, Harari promotes a future filled with transhumanism, upgraded super-humans who dominate the world, and a technocratic elite class where big tech companies like Facebook and Amazon are the new gods.

Spiritual Technology: The Coming Age of Transhuman Beasts from the Pit of Hell

Within our lifetimes, man and machine will merge, the impact will be Biblical, and the outcome will be detrimental.

The Religious Brain Project: Sin is Equal To God, According To Scientists and Researchers

Scientists from the religious brain project now claim that God has the same effect on the brain as lovemaking, ecstasy, and music.

The Beast is Rising; Now They Will See What You See

According to the patent, the electronic lens would assist in the process of focusing light onto the eye’s retina. Source

End Times: Human and Animal Hybrids Are Coming To Life

The first of its kind, the worst of its kind; the mixing of man and beast. The creation of hybrids is upon us. Human organs...

Warning: Pandoras Box Has Just Been OPENED, This New Technology Will End Mankind

The war for humanity is in full swing. The agendas for takeover are covertly transforming this planet; life on Earth is on the cusp...

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